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Foldable Screen iPhone: Apple Starts Working on upcoming Foldable iPhones

Yes, you heard it right with other competitor smartphone brand Apple is now one who is planning to launch its first foldable iPhone. Till now we can’t verify that the news is true but as per a report from Bloomberg, it is claimed that Apple is reportedly seeing to work on its upcoming iPhones which are going to feature foldable screens just like Samsung Foldable.

The plan of the Foldable screen is in a very early stage and not even a fully-working prototype is on the table. But we can hope this time too that Apple will not disappoint its users and serve them with the upcoming iPhone to be feature foldable screens. As we said that the plan is in the early-stage so we can’t assume Apple to feature their 2021 lineup iPhone with this screen. Reports show that Apple will only make few changes to its upcoming iPhone 13 model like In-display fingerprint sensor which is going to launch in the month of September or October this year.

Foldable Screen iPhone

Bloomberg said in its reports that Apple is working on a new plan to design its future iPhone with a Foldable screen with minor visible hinges as possible. Also, Apple discusses several sizes but somehow they clue us that the size of the Foldable iPhone will be as same as iPhone 12 Pro Max when folded.

Most competitor smartphone companies like Samsung and Motorola already launched their smartphones that feature foldable screens but now Apple is one of them to compete in the race of making foldable smartphones. Although the company didn’t clue anything about its plan yet it is seen several times that Apple didn’t report anything about their future planning on which they are working.

Apple 2021 iPhone Lineup

In their report, Bloomberg also discusses the upcoming iPhone 13 lineup that is going to launch this year. The main feature and minor change that Apple is going to make in its iPhone 13 series phone is the introduction of an in-display fingerprint sensor which was already used by many companies in their smartphone but Apple is going to launch its first smartphone that will be going to contain feature like this.

It is reported very far that Apple is about to introduce the feature of in-display fingerprint sensor but after the time of coronavirus when users face problem in identification of face id by their iPhone as they started wearing masks finally company decided to launch their new iPhone 13 series to featured with an in-display fingerprint sensor. On a worse note, Bloomberg also says that Apple has discussed removing the Lightning port in favor of wireless charging on “some” iPhone models.

If we discuss other products that are going to launch this year by Apple it will mainly contain Apple’s long-rumored Tile like shape tracker, AirTags for sure. Moreover, Apple iPad Mini could also be seen to launch with a refresh Mini LED display.

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