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TikTok and Wechat Ban Appstore downloads from 20 September in the US said by President Trump

An order has been passed by The US Commerce Department in which it is stated TikTok and Wechat Ban from new downloads in Appstore from 20th September. The order was fully published by the...

Oracle and TikTok deal in the US, leads TikTok to unban in India?

US company Oracle which is now become one of the companies to Bid for the partnership of TikTok in the US. Oracle and TikTok deal is going to take place in the US...

Bid on TikTok: Good News for users Walmart Collabs with Microsoft in Bid 2020

Why their is Bid on TikTok? As we all know that the reason for Bid on TikTok is the ban from India and U.S, once TikTok was one of the most used social...

Facebook merging Instagram with messenger in her new update

Facebook is the biggest social media company in the world. Instagram rolled out a new update in which they merged its messaging app messenger with Instagram's DM's this Friday. Now Instagram users...

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