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Microsoft Xbox Series X And Series S Releasing Date, Price, Difference Between and More.

Xbox Series X And Series S

Recently Microsoft launched two new video game consoles Xbox Series X And Series S. Company reveal its launching date Both consoles will launch November 10. The pre-ordering of this product will start on 22 September for the whole world. The price of Xbox Series X is $499 in India its price will cost Rs. 49,990 and talking about Series S its price is $299 but in India it’s price will Rs. 34,990. The price in India was revealed by the official Xbox India page.

The Gadgets 360 write in their article they confirmed with Microsoft that these prices are genuine. In India, you can pre-order these two video game consoles only on Amazon India because they are only online retailers for this product.

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Here You Can See Difference Between Xbox Series X And Series S

Source: Microsoft

As you can see Xbox Series S is aiming for full-HD TVs, But the company is saying that it’s capable of scaling games up to 4K with the use of a built-in hardware scaler. The biggest difference between the two consoles their GPU in Series X you will see 12.15 TFLOPS and in Series X you will get 4 TFLOPS the X series is 3 times powerful than the S series, But the company also said that Series S is four times the processing power of Xbox One. And talking about the other parts like CPU both Xbox Series X And Series S have the same CPU. And also hardware-accelerated ray tracing, variable-rate shading, and mesh shading as its bigger cousin, the Series X.

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Source: Microsoft
  • The next-generation Xbox console of your choice
  • Over 100 high-quality games to play on console, including next-gen Optimized games
  • Over 100 high-quality games to play on PC
  • An EA Play membership to play more than 60 of EA’s biggest and best console and PC games
  • And over 100 games to play from the cloud

That’s all with no upfront costs and a low monthly price. Xbox Series S will be available starting from $24.99 a month for 24 months and Xbox Series X will be available starting from $34.99 a month for 24 months.

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