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Sony PSN Down: Maintenance and Server Status update for Sony Playstation 4

The Latest report coming from Sony Network Studio is that Sony PSN Down for maintenance and Server Status of PS4. Many users are facing problems to connect and play online games in PS4 and they see a Server Maintenance indication on the screen.

There are many reports that the Sony PSN online services are getting offline leave thousands of PS4 players unable to play online games in their console.

According to the Sony PSN Down indicators 76 percent of users didn’t able to login to there PS4 where as 24 percent of users aren’t able to play online games in there PS4.

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Sony PSN Down

Many users are facing the problem of server down and maintenance from some time and reported it into the Sony PSN down indication.

Sony replied to there PS4 users that the company is solving some technical issues and maintaining the servers due to which they are unable to play online games or login to in there PS4 consoles.

Mainly affected countries facing server down problem are: UK, Europe and parts of Australia these are the countries in which PS4 users are reportedly facing the issue of Maintenance and Server Status update for Sony Playstation 4.

People are commenting online about how they are getting error messages that the PSN is undergoing maintenance, but the official PlayStation server status website is currently showing no issues to online services.

Frustrated users are commenting aggressively on the official page of Playstation there are more than 2000 reports comments indicating about the Sony PSN down.

“Just had update drop from psn everyone check”, one user wrote on Down Detector, while another frustratedly mentioned an error code “IF i try and activate as main ps4 i get this error message: np-34957-8”.

After the solution given by the management of Playstation still there was a huge spike in reported outages at around 10am BST and people are still seeing problems when trying to access online or play games.

In the Playstation official Twitter handling PlayStation online help hasn’t properly acknowledged any outages, but they tweet a link to support those users who have connectivity issues with PS4.

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