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Nobel Prize 2020 in Medicine Winners for Discovery of Virus Hepatitis C

The names of the winners of Nobel Prize 2020 in Medicine are Harvey J Alter, Charles M Rice, and Michael Houghton. The first two Scientists are Americans whereas Michael is a British Scientist, this time the award of Nobel Prize in Medicine or Physiology field goes to three of them or we can say to the Trio of Scientist who discovered the Hepatitis C virus.

The Nobel Committee head Thomas Perlmann announced the three winners in WHO (World Health Organization) and estimated that there are around 70 Million people suffering from Hepatitis and around 4,00,000 people who are dying each year with the disease and according to the doctors this disease is the main cause of Cancer and Liver Inflammation in Human Body.

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Nobel Prize 2020 in Medicine

Nobel Prize was invented around 124 years ago by a Swedish man named Alfred Nobel and named after his name. The three scientists got a Gold Medal along with prize money of 10 Million Swedish Kronor which is over $1,118,000 in the US dollar as Nobel Prize 2020 in Medicine from the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm.

This year the Nobel Prize in the field of medicine is a very significant due to the Corona virus pandemic around the world, which shows us the importance of Medicines, people engaged in Medical fields, Doctors and Staff for Society and Economy around the world.

The noble prize for medicine is one of the first six prize being announced till October 12. Other five prizes which will going to be announced by Nobel Committee are for outstanding work in field of Physics, Chemistry, Literature, Peace and Economics.

The prize in the field of physics will be announced on Tuesday whereas the prize for the chemistry field will be announced on Wednesday, both from the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.

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