So you’re an Anime Fan or Anime Watcher and are wondering about the Angels of Death Season 2 like when the Anime is going to Release? or What is the Plot of Season 2? Then you’re at the right stop here we will tell you everything needs to know about this Anime series.

It’s been more than 2 and a half years but still, there is no confirmed news on the next season of the Angels of Death. The debut of the series results in a total success and after the first season, most Anime lovers started questioning the release date of the Angels of Death Season 2.

Yet there is no answer by the official but you don’t have to worry anymore here we will tell you about every little information and update you need to know about the Angels of Death Anime series. Along with the updates on the release date so read the following article properly.

Angels of Death also known as the Satsuriku no Tenshi Anime series is based on the Horror genre and is a psychological Horror Anime series. Angels of Death series follows the plot of the video game series of the same name developed by Makoto Sanada.

The video game series by Makoto Sanada was released in 2015 and became a very popular and successful hit after it hit Steam. After seeing the success of the video game J.C staff decided to adapt the series into an Anime that was released on July 6, 2018. The anime series consists of 16 episodes and the last episode of the series was aired on October 26 of the same year.

Angels of Death Season 1

Before we start talking about the Angels of Death season 2 let’s first quickly revise everything about the Angels of Death Season 1. The story of the series is mainly revolved around a 13-year old girl named Rachel Gardner who is rushed to the hospital bed after witnessing a Murder.

After she wakes up she finds herself in the B7 basement under some mysterious circumstances. And moreover, she didn’t remember a thing she only remembers her name and why she gets in the hospital. After some time Rachel found that she is in some game and the real story begins.

Like any other Horror franchise, Rachel gets to know about everything through hidden messages and secret broadcasts. Afterward, she gets to know that in the game every participant gets their own floor. And whosoever tries to infiltrate someone’s floor they have a chance to die.

Even after knowing the truth of the game Rachel still goes down to the sixth floor where she almost gets killed by a serial killer Zach. After that, they both join forces as Rachel learns about Zach’s escape plan but Zach said that he will kill her once he gets out of the game.

Even after the warning given by Zach Rachel decides to join forces and break out of the game with Zach as she is afraid of living alone in this Horror game.

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Angels of Death Season 2 Release Date

Well, to be honest, we don’t have good news for you as still there is no confirmation from officials on the release date of season 2. So we still have to wait a bit longer until we got to see the second season of the series on our screen.

This is no big deal as many Anime got released after 5-6 years as the adaption of the Anime series isn’t so simple as we think. Maybe the J.C staff is working on some other series and it’s been around 3 years since the first season was released so according to my guess, we will soon be able to see the second season on our screen.

It is also possible that the series is all ready to out in next year. The main reason behind the adaption of another season of any series is mainly based on the fan’s reaction and Angels of Death is one of the few series that got a place in the heart of Anime lovers after the release.

So we can safely assume that the series will surely get its revival and we will soon get the second season. We just have to wait for some time as we all know due to the Covid Pandemic Animation of many series got postponed and maybe this can be the reason with Angels of Death.

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So until any official confirmation, we cannot say anything on the Release date we can just assume. And according to us, the series will make its comeback in 2022 or some official news will come out regarding the revival of the series in 2022.

Angels of Death Season 2 Cast

We don’t have enough information about the cast members that are going to play role in season 2 but we can safely assume that the characters in the previous season will surely appear again.

Below is the list of the Cast and Characters that are going to play role in Angels of Death Season 2:

  • Haruka Chisuga as Rachael Gardner
  • Meg McClain as Rachael Gardner
  • R.Bruce Elliot as Abhram Gray
  • Dallas Reid as Isaac Foster
  • Derick Snow as Daniel Dickens

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Is there Enough Source Material for Angels of Death Season 2?

After all this, the main question that arises is that if there is enough source material for season 2 of the series? So here is the answer to that.

As we all know that every Anime series is based on Manga, Light Novels, or Stories. And the Angels of Death is one of the few series that is based on Video Game series of the same name by Makoto Sanada. But there is no good news for you because the Video Game series is already finished by the creators and they don’t have any intention of making the sequel of the game.

So the J.C staff has nothing to animate for the second season but there is a prequel of the game released by the creators so instead of the second season the Animators can release the prequel or the special episodes of the Anime series.

Now all we can do is to keep an eye on all the latest updates and news regarding the Angels of Death season 2. Just stay with us for any latest updates regarding the series.

Angels of Death Season 2 Trailer

If there is no official confirmation on the release of the series how can we get to see the trailer? So we don’t have any here also but we will upload it as soon as we get some updates on the revival of the series.

Till the upload of the trailer of the second season you can watch the Trailer of season one below:

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