Apple 32-Core Processor?, Apple Reportedly Working on New ARM-Based Processors for High-end Macs in Late 2021

According to a recent report of Bloomberg, it is confirmed that Apple is reportedly working on Apple 32-Core Processor for its future high-end Macs. According to the reports, the Macs of late 2021 or Macs of 2022 are going to feature Apple’s new Arm-based processors.

Also, Along with a 32-core processor, Apple is working on its new 16-core powerful CPU’s which are designed for its new upcoming versions of MacBook Pro and iMacs. In the future, it is also possible that Apple will feature its own GPUs with up to 128 dedicated cores.

Apple New 32-Core Processor

News of the new Chipset has come as Apple recently launched its new and very first Macs to be featured with Apple’s own latest chipset. The M1 chip is Apple’s latest first own processor featured in the latest MacBook Pro, MacBook Air & Mac Mini. the M1 CPU is powered with four high-performance cores and four high-efficiency cores. However, the company’s Mac Pro is still powered with Intel-based chips but the company also claimed that the full lineup of Apple Macs will be going to be powered with Company’s own CPU within a time period of 2 years.

Also, with the increase in the core of the CPU Apple is also working on its upcoming GPU going to be paired with new CPUs in late 2021-2022 Macs. At present M1 Chips comes with either seven or eight GPU cores, So Apple is currently testing its upcoming CPU models with 16 and 32-cores, and is working on GPU chips with as many as 128- cores for late 2021 or 2022 Mac models.

Along with its 32-core processor, Apple is also working on its 16-core CPU which is also going to be featured in upcoming Macs, with only 8 or 12 cores enabled. The processing unit and enabling of a number of cores in the CPU is totally dependent on the Mass production goes at that time. Prior to Apple’s announcement of its switch to ARM-based processors, In a report by Bloomberg stated that it was working on a processor with a CPU featuring eight high-performance cores and four energy-efficient cores. A processor with this exact combination of cores is yet to be officially announced.

As Apple has already announced that it is going to take over its all macs to its own new ARM-based CPUs in a time period of 2 years, makes sense that Apple is already working on new processors. As per the report, we can consider that Apple new 32-core processor will make a great change to its new upcoming Macs. But matching to the performance of its Intel-based Mac pro is yet so far a challenge for Apple.