Apple iPhone 12, Good News For India

Apple iPhone 12 going to be biggest successful Mobile all around the Globe . According to the sources Apple iPhone 12 would be manufactured in India.

Apple iPhone 12 in India

As heard from the latest news that Apple has Invested around Rs. 1200 Lakh Crore in India to manufacture its latest products in India. This will lead to Manufacture made in India Products from the company.

The Manufacturing of products not only lead to Indian Mark but also give Employment to Thousands of Citizen. This will also result in Drop in Prices of Smartphones of the company which is a very good news for iPhone lovers.

iPhone 12 Specifications Based on Leaks

The Phone Screen is going to be O-LED Screens new Chipset with 5G will be install in Phones. Mainly 4 different type of editions is going to be launch (Pro, Pro Max etc.) Lidar sensors may be install in Top Models near cameras like Ipads. Phone is going to support wireless charing with a good battery capacity.

The processor will be more powerful and smooth than previous phones. IOS 14 may be run in the phones with expected A-14 Chip which is the most powerful processor in the world of Smartphones.

Comparison with Other Smartphones

In Comparison with Previous iPhones the iPhone 12 is going to be more powerful in the sense of processor, body design, camera and Texture. This mobile will give very tough competition to most of the smartphones in Market like Oneplus, IQOO, Samsung etc.