Apple iPhone 12 pro Leak video by ‘EverythingApplePro’ Reveals about its Back and new Lidar placement

EverythingApplePro posted the latest video on his twitter account on 11 September holding a back panel of the upcoming Apple iPhone 12 pro. The video shows a new Apple iPhone 12 pro leak before its actual launch the company is launching its new iPhone 12 series in upcoming months. In the video, we can clearly see the back panel of the phone showing the camera and inside the phone.

Apple iPhone 12 pro Leak

There are some of the differences made by the company while making Apple iPhone 12 pro which makes it different from previous models. Mainly the change in the body is textured by Apple in making its new Apple iPhone 12 pro as per the leaks it is now almost confirmed that we are gonna see body design which was seen in Apple iPhone 4 & 5 series.

There is a flat side body design that was previously seen in iPhone 4 & 5 blunt ends with a flat and sleek design. Now let’s talk about the camera of the phone it is about in the same position seen in iPhone 11 with a new Lidar placement that can be seen in the video tweeted. Also, another leak mentions that the iPhone 12 series went into mass production this week and unfortunately, the rumored 120Hz refresh rate display did not make the cut instead of that company reported that the models may come with 60Hz refresh rate displays or possibly 90Hz.

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Apple iPhone 12 leak shows that there is a magnet installed inside of the panel of the phone which shows that the iPhone may contain wireless charging with strong magnets that move the phone into the optimal position for charging when placed on the charging pad.

it is neither yet confirmed from the leaks nor claimed by the company that the iPhone 12 pro will contain a 5G antenna. Yet it is reported previously that all of the upcoming iPhone 12 series will be featured by 5G network connectivity let’s see what will happen in the future.

As per the reports Apple event is going to be conducted next week Apple CEO Tim Cook will launch or announced the new iPhone 12 series and will let us know about which leak is correct and which are just rumor.