Apple Mac Event “One More Thing” Set to Held on November 10

So here Apple comes again with its new event “One More Thing” to release its new Mac going to be held on November 10. Apple Mac Event One More Thing is the third event by Apple of this year 2020.

The previous two Apple events of the year are: the first one has held for the launch of the new iWatch series and iPad Air is “Time Flies” scheduled on September 15 whereas the second event “High Speed” for the launch of the new iPhone 12 series was held on October 13.

In the latest Apple Mac event one more thing Apple is going to launch its first-ever Arm-based Macs which are going to be run on new Apple Silicon chips instead of Intel chips used before by the company in Macs since 2005. That means the new era of Apple Silicon chipsets is going to start after the event “One More Thing” on November 10.

Apple Mac Event One More Thing

The Phrase “One More Thing” has been used by Apple for a long especially by former CEO Steve Jobs as a keynote for announcements of the latest products. The last time the phrase was used by the company while launching Apple iPhone X in 2017.

A teaser has been leaked in which the Apple logo is showed floating which points towards the Mac, in the video an animated Apple logo was showed rising up towards the viewer just like it would when opening the lid of one of the company’s laptops.

Back in June at WWDC Apple has announced that they are planning to switch to Apple’s own Silicon CPU’s from Intel chip. Apple was promised that in late 2020 they are going to release their first-ever Mac to be featured with Apple Silicon CPU and the wait is finally over as on November 10 Apple Mac event one more thing is going to take place. The company clearly defines the reason to switch over Apple Silicon CPU’s as now it can get better performance with lower power consumption from its own Arm-based efforts than it can with Intel’s processors.

macOS11 Big Sur may also be seen to get launched along with new Macs in the event as it was also announced along with Mac at WWDC and has been in Beta version for