As per reports Apple has unveiled that Apple online store in India has to be set up. The apple had planned to set up an online store very far but due to no headquarters in India didn’t able to do so, but as far as the apple plan to manufacture its products made in India logo the plan of Online store is raised up.

Benefits of Apple Online Store in India

At present Apple products have been sold by online sellers like,,, and Third-person Retailers who sell Apple products but now apple plan to sell their products on their own online website which benefits the company profits a lot.

The price margin will go to be a huge fall as the apple starts to sell it on their own online store as now they don’t have to sell their products through any third person or online marketing site which results in no commission to any of them.

As per the latest sources, Apple will close all its manufacturing from China and set up their factory in India and will start to make up their products with made in India logo, results in more employment to the unemployed people of India. The apple has decided to set up their factory in South India Side like Chennai, Bengaluru Etc.

Why Company Delayed to Sell products in Online Stores in India?

Apple had Planned to startup online store in India from Starting of the year but there is a great delay in setting up Manufacturing plants, paperwork with the government, and Coronavirus pandemic.

Apple started to manufacture its product with the initiative of made in India. Apple planned to manufacture the models included iPhone SE & iPhone 11 series which make a great push in business with Apple in the Indian Economy.

India has about 1.3 Billion population which include mostly young age and most of them are using a smartphone right now in their hands and apple has a plan to open their online store before the festive season in India.

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