November 10 on Tuesday Apple organizes its third event of the year One More Thing in which Apple announced its new Arm Based Macs going to be featured with Apple new M1 Chips. Here we are going to talk about the new Apple Arm Based Mac Mini.

The first Arm-based Mac was released in 2018 by Apple after two years again Apple Arm Based new desktop machine released in the event “One More Thing” held on November 11. The new Arm based Mac Mini is going to cost $699 which is $100 less than the first Mac mini released two years before.

The new Macs are going to be powered with the most advanced processors own developed by Apple this new CPU is going to be more powerful and better CPU then the before Intel’s CPU. According to Apple, the new Mac mini is 60 percent more energy-efficient than before all credits go to new M1 processors developed by Apple.

Arm Based Mac Mini

The new Mac Mini is the advance and upgradable form of the old Mac Mini by Apple this new desktop machine is going to be featured with the latest Apple developed CPU M1 chipset which is the fastest and powerful chip claimed by Apple.

The company also claims the device has a 3 times faster CPU and 6 times better and faster graphics with upgradable options of RAM for up to 16 GB — the limit for the M1 chip, according to Apple — and up to 2TB of solid-state storage. According to Apple, the new Mac Mini can support two external screen displays as well as a 6K display also, with DisplayPort options including Thunderbolt and USB 4.

Apple also said that the new M1 Chipset can perform many tasks faster than its predecessor, which includes tasks stated below:

  • Compile codes in Xcode with 3 times fast speed.
  • Can play Shadow of the Tomb of Raider with 4 times higher frame rates.
  • Up to 3 times as many real-time plugins in Logic Pro.
  • 15 times faster increase the resolution of the photo in Pixelmator pro.

November 10 is the historical date for the company as on this date the biggest decision for Macs has been taken by the company with the introduction of new Arm Based Apple own processors and taking away from the Intel processors used before. This decision by Apple will have significant and long-lasting effects on both the broader tech industry and the macOS, iOS, and iPadOS ecosystems.

The Arm Based Mac Mini is just a trailer of the new M1 chips devices by Apple it is going to be big and long with the passage of time.


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