Best Gaming PC Under 30000 in India 2021

Most of you can’t afford an extreme and expensive PC so maybe you’re looking for a budget PC build that won’t cost you much but gives you the best performance out of its rate. So if you’re also the one then you are at the perfect spot here we will tell you about the best gaming PC under 30000 which you can build in 2021 and enjoy the unlimited and best gaming experience at this price.

So if you’re also interested in this topic then read the full article and build your own gaming PC under 30000. To play the latest games like GTA V, Valorant, COD Modern Warfare, etc. it is not necessary that you buy or build an expensive PC with extreme PC parts. If you’re a budget segment person and can’t afford to spend a lot of money then you must go with this PC which will cost you under 30000.

At this price, it is literally not possible to use CPU+GPU combo as the prices of GPU are on hype. So we have to consider using APU instead of the CPU+GPU combo. Now for APU let me tell you more about it, APU is a fusion of CPU+GPU which can be used instead of using the combo and will cost you much less than using both CPU & GPU on your PC. However, it may not provide you the experience that the CPU & GPU can provide you but under this price rate, APU is the best choice for this PC.

Gaming PC Under 30000

So let’s now discuss the PC parts we’re going to use in our Gaming PC which will only cost of under 30000. If you also wants to buy the same PC parts and build the gaming PC then you can check them out on online and offline market. For online purchasing of the PC parts you can visit and and for offline you can visit your local PC parts store and look for the PC parts given below.

ProcessorAMD Ryzen 3 3200G8,990/-
MotherboardMSI A320M-A Pro Max4,499/-
Storage (HDD)Western Digital 1TB hard drive 3,399/-
Storage (SDD)Western Digital WD Green 240 GB m.2 SSD3,199/-
PSU (Power Supply)Cooler Master 450 Bronze V2 80 Plus Bronze Certified3,199/-
PC Cabinet (PC Case)CHIPTRONEX X410B Mid Tower ATX Cabinet2,140/-

So now we’re done with a quick summary of our PC parts now it’s time we also explain more about the parts we’re using in our build. You can also go with some other PC parts if you found more suitable to your needs and taste but keep an eye on your budget also you can add some parts to your PC like extra RAM if you have a budget surplus.

It’s all up to you that if you’re going with this build or you will make changes and use some other parts. But according to us, these are the best PC parts which you can use to your gaming PC under 30000.

Processor (AMD Ryzen 3 3200G)

AMD Ryzen 3200G is a powerful and value-for-money APU. The processor features with Vega 8 graphics which is capable to run any game at low to medium graphics with 60 fps. This processor is a 4 cores and 4 threads processor with a base clock 3.6GHz and boosts clock 4GHz.

Motherboard (MSI A320M-A Pro Max)

MSI A320M-A Pro Max is a very popular A320 motherboard that provides you best quality at this price rate. If you’re really thinking to build a gaming PC under 30000 then there is no better choice than MSI A320M-A Pro Max. You get dual DDR4 memory slots that support up to 32GB of memory, and it also has a 1 x PCIe 3.0 x16 slot and a lot of I/O ports.


As for the RAM we’re using XPG ADATA GAMMIX D30 DDR4 8GB 3000MHz which is one of the best 3000MHz RAM at this price range. And we all know that if we’re planning to use an AMD Ryzen processor then it is obvious to use RAM with a minimum frequency of 3000MHz.

Storage (HDD- Western Digital 1TB hard drive)

As we using both Hard drive and SSD in our build you have an option if you have a limited budget then you can use only one among them. It’s all up to you but as for the hard drive, we’re using a Western Digital 1TB hard drive which is more than enough to save your big files and games data.

Storage (SSD- WD Green 240 GB m.2 SSD)

We choose a Western Digital WD Green 240 GB m.2 SSD card for extra storage. In this SSD you can load your windows and some games if you have a budget surplus you can also use a more storage SSD. The reason we use a 240 GB SSD is the budget as we have to do this gaming PC under 30000 so we choose a 240 GB SSD.

Power Supply (Cooler Master 450 Bronze V2)

Now the most important part of the PC Power supply if we use a cheap quality power supply or a fewer watts supply it may harm your PC. So it is better if you spend money on the best quality PSU. Here we will use Cooler Master 450 Bronze V2 80 Plus Bronze Certified PSU which is more than enough to run this PC setup and if you find a PSU with the same specifications for a less amount then you can also go with that option.

Cabinet/ PC Case (CHIPTRONEX X410B Mid Tower ATX Cabinet)

There is a bundle of options available for PC cases it all up to you which case suits your taste more. We are using CHIPTRONEX X410B Mid Tower ATX Cabinet due to its excellent airflow and RGB lighting at this price rate. You can go with some other company case also like MSI, Cooler Master, etc. according to your budget.

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