Best guns in COD Mobile: Best guns you can find in the game 2021

COD Mobile is one of the best FPP mobile shooting and battle Royale game played by the Mobile players all around the world. There are many questions arises in the mind of the COD Mobile players and the one is about the Best guns in COD Mobile? or COD Mobile Best Guns? So today we will tell you about the best weapon you can find and use in the game in 2021.

Currently season 4 of the COD Mobile is on the line with which Activision makes many changes in the guns library by change in the dealt of damage and much more. Many of the LMG’s of the game which was used by the players are now less viable at close-to-medium range but excelling at long range which means now players can use them for long range much better than the close and medium range which is a great change.

As with the changes made in the new season it is difficult for the players to go on with their old inventory so for all of those who are asking about the best guns in COD Mobile in 2021 can consider this article and set up their inventory according to that.

Best Guns in COD mobile 2021

1. Assault Rifles: AK-47

Ak-47 is still placed on the first COD Mobile best guns in the AR category as the gun offers the users insane damage to the enemy and can work very smoothly in both close and mid-range fights which makes it the best guns in COD Mobile. The main issue that most players face for this gun is its recoil issue but for those who master its recoil, there is no going back to other AR except AK-47.

To reduce recoil you can also use several attachments in the game which will surely help you to reduce the recoil to its minimum and you can use the gun at its best.

2. Sniper: Locus

As for the Sniper rifles in the game, you may already know there is no better Sniper available in the game other than Locus. Locus is the best Sniper gun in COD Mobile the accuracy of the gun is on another level and for the damage, it is the highest damage dealt sniper in the game.

Since the Season 2 update Locus has been dominating the Sniper Rifles of the COD Mobile and no other Sniper yet come near to it so as for Sniper you can go with Locus and consider it the Best guns in COD Mobile.

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SMGs (Sub Machine Guns) are very changed by the developers in the classics as now the SMGs packs more CQB and also offer up increased mobility which makes them one of the favorite gun for the players playing the game. The accuracy for long range fights have also been increased for the SMGs.

QXR is the best SMG in the game right now it has a great damage among all the SMGs, the recoil is also the best which makes QXR SMG as one of the deadliest and best SMG gun in COD Mobile.

4. Shotgun: KRM-262

There is till no better shotgun then KRM-262 which is spotted at first place for best guns in COD Mobile in Shotgun category for previous few years. KRM-262 dealt a pretty much damage at an ample range of shooting. And for the close and medium range this gun is capable of one-shot killing.


According to us RPD is currently the best LMG gun in COD Mobile it is a fully automatic LMG which dealt a pretty much damage to the opponent. Not only the damage the firing rate of this gun is the best among LMGs but on the other hand in terms of the recoil it is pretty difficult to handle so you have to practice it first and manage to handle the recoil properly.

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