Best Hair Dryers in India: Top 5 Hairdryers you can buy in India in 2021

Best Hair Dryers in India

At present almost every household have a hairdryer in their wardrobe it is like an essential these days. So if you’re also the one finding the best Hair Dryers in India in 2021 then you can consider the list given below and buy according to your need. The below-listed hair dryers are the best you can find in the market in 2021so you can consider the items given below.

Hairdryers are the best way to dry your hair quickly and easily you can even style your hair according to your need with the help of hair dryers. If you’re a person who likes to go outside to parties and something like that so you can buy one for designing your hair properly and efficiently.

We all know that hair dryers are very important for all of us but buying the best hair dryers is not so simple a task. For this type of help we are here for you we will suggest to you the list of the best hair dryers in India 2021. which you can buy right now and won’t regret.

List of Best Hair Dryers in India

1. Wahl Super professional Hair dryer (5439-024)

Wahl Super Professional Hair Dryer

Wahl professional hairdryer is one of the best hair dryers at present if you find it in the Indian market. It is also the best selling professional hairdryer of the year which itself concludes why this is the best choice to buy right now. It comes with a powerful 2000 watt energy and has the latest tourmaline technology which styles your hair perfectly and quickly.


  • Features with powerful 2000 watt motor and have the latest tourmaline technology.
  • Three variable heating settings available with two-speed adjusting settings.
  • Cold mode is available to cool down the hot portion of hairs.
  • It is currently available at a price rate of Rs. 2887 on amazon despite its MRP which is Rs. 3000/-.

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2. Philips Thermo protect hair Dryer

Philips Thermo Protect Hair Dryer

In the list of best hair dryers in India, Philips Thermo protects hair dryer stands on rank 2 with its intelligent Thermo protect technology it can adjust the heating of the dryer accordingly and is very easy to use due to its lightweight. The motor used here is 1800 W and it has three different speed settings which you can control using the button.


  • It has a powerful 1800 watt motor and is weigh around 450 gms which is very lightweight and makes it easy to use.
  • The hairdryer features a special Thermo protect technology which controls the temperature of the air accordingly.
  • It comes with three different speed options which can control by the user using the button.
  • It is currently available to buy on Amazon for Rs. 2,199/- which is an effective price for such a hairdryer.

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3. Havells Foldable Hair Dryer

Havells Foldable Hair Dryer

If you want to buy a hairdryer that is very handy to carry then the foldable dryers are the best choice for you and on the top is the Havells Foldable dryer. It has a 1500 W powerful motor and three different temperature settings which allows the users to adjust the temperature of the heat accordingly. The concentrator, along with the nozzle, helps style your hair easily and dry a section of your hair faster. 


  • It features a powerful 1500 watt motor and comes with a foldable design.
  • It has three different temperature settings and two-speed settings which you can adjust accordingly.
  • It weighs just 440 gms which makes it easy to handle and use.
  • It is currently available on Amazon for Rs. 1,249 which is perfect for these features.

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4. Braun Satin Hair Dryer (HD 350)

Braun Satin Hair Dryer

Braun Satin Hairdryer stood in fourth place on the listing of best hair dryers in India 2021 as for professional use you can recommend it as one of the best choices under this budget. It is also a foldable dryer that can be easy to carry and handle. It comes with a 1600 W motor and is lightweight.


  • It has a powerful motor of 1600 watts and is very lightweight and easy to carry and use.
  • Features a special multi-voltage function that allows the users to use this dryer in any part of the world.
  • It can be folded and store even in small spaces.
  • Has a styling nozzle for precision drying and two temperature settings and one airflow setting for that salon finish hair every day with minimal effort
  • It is currently available at Amazon for Rs. 1,975/-.

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5. Vega Insta Glam Hair Dryer

Vega Insta Glam Hair Dryer

This is one of the best and affordable hair dryers for daily use. It is also equipped with an automatic safety cut-out for overheat issues. It is very handy and with the foldable design, it is easy to carry and store. It has two different speed settings and two temperature settings which you can adjust accordingly. As we said above is mainly for household use so the motor used here is only 1000 W which is perfect for household usage.


  • It features a 1000 watt motor especially used for household usage.
  • It has two temperature and two-speed settings for dry and styles your hair correctly.
  • It features a special automatic safety cut out for overheat issues.
  • It weighs only 338 gms which is very light to carry.
  • It is currently available on Amazon for Rs. 649/- which is best for any household hairdryer.

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Hair Dryers Buying Guide

Now after seeing the above list of best Hairdryers in India 2021 the question arises that which one is best for you to buy and to decide so you must go through all the features and your budget and consider our buying guide to understand it more effectively. It all depends on your hair type that which is the best hair dryer to buy for you as not every one hair can handle much heat so go through the buying guide thoroughly.

Heating Settings:

Heat settings play a very important role in choosing the best hair dryer to buy for you as if you buy and use the dryer with some wrong heat setting this may cause damage to your hair. The temperatures for thin and fine hair must be pretty low, and any other type can overheat and cause damage or even singe your hair. So it is a very important factor and you should consider it seriously and buy the hairdryer accordingly.

Wattage Power:

The wattage of the dryer determines the efficiency of the dryer you’re going to buy if you buy a higher wattage dryer then the efficiency will also be high. The temperature may be also high with an increase in wattage which may cause overheating to your hair so please consider choosing the best hair dryer according to wattage power.

Light weight and compact design:

If you’re buying the hairdryer for only household not for professional work so you must consider the hairdryer to be compact in design and lightweight too. Which will help you to use it with ease and properly.


You should consider the particular special features of the Hairdryer you’re going to buy like ionic feature, tourmaline, or ceramic coating all these features are must consider before buying a hairdryer for yourself.