Buying a Refrigerator is one of the most difficult tasks these days as we got to see infinity options from different brands in the market and choosing from all these options seems like an impossible task. So here we will help you to choose your new Refrigerator through the list we made for the best Refrigerator in India 2021.

Choosing from the list of the best refrigerators helps you to get the best option available in the market and keep your all food items like fruits and vegetables fresh and safe for a long time. Moreover, we also keep the looks and design of the refrigerators in mind so that you get the best looks out of the one you choose for your household.

But before choosing a Refrigerator for your family you must know which one is the best for you like you’ve more than 5 family members then it is impossible to use a single door Refrigerator with less than 200 L capacity. So that’s why it is necessary for you to first know better about which Refrigerator fits your family and needs best.

Consider our Refrigerator buying guide before jumping to any conclusion and buying your Refrigerator. The below is the simple and easy guide of buying a refrigerator we made for you so that you get better which refrigerator is better for you and your family.

Quick Refrigerator Buying Guide

Types of Refrigerator:

There are mainly 6 types of refrigerators known to us these are:

  • Mini Refrigerator.
  • Single Door Refrigerator.
  • Double Door Refrigerator.
  • Triple Door Refrigerator.
  • Side-by-Side Refrigerator.
  • French Door Refrigerator.

Now consider the below table to know which type of Refrigerator suits you best according to the number of family members.

Refrigerator TypeNo of Family Members
Mini Refrigerator1
Single Door Refrigerator1-3
Double Door Refrigerator3-4
Triple Door Refrigerator4-5
Side-by-Side Door Refrigerator5-7
French Door Refrigerator7+

Refrigerators Capacity:

There are different capacities of Refrigerators available in the market to buy right now and to choose which one is best for you and your family is a really difficult task so we made a quick list of suited capacity Refrigerators according to the number of family members.

Required Capacity No of Family Members
Up to 100 Litres1
150-250 Litres1-3
250-360 Litres3-5
360-500 Litres5-7
500-850 Litres or more7+

Best Refrigerator in India 2021

1. Samsung 253 L 3 Star with Inverter Double Door Refrigerator

This Samsung 256 L 3 Star fridge is a perfect choice for most families as this is a dual door fridge with a huge capacity and dual-door design. The classy look of the refrigerator provides your home with an elegant and classic look.

It comes with a digital inverter compressor that promises to be more durable, efficient and makes less noise. Some of the main features of the Samsung 256 L fridge are a movable ice maker, an easy-slide shelf, toughened glass shelves, an LED light and a moist free zone.

Price: ₹24,890.00

Capacity: 253 L

Type: Double Door

Model Name: RT28A3453S8

Link to Buy: Click Here

2. Whirlpool 215 L 5 Star Inverter Direct-Cool Single Door Refrigerator

Whirlpool is one of the best Refrigerators companies known for its budget segment fridge models with some fantastic features. This single door Whirpool refrigerator features a direct cool technology and a small drawer at the bottom.

It also has a Smart Inverter consumption feature which makes it less power consumption and smart fridge. For a small family, this single door fridge option is the best and comes at a very affordable and reasonable price.

Price: ₹20,740.00

Capacity: 215 L

Type: Single Door

Link to Buy: Click Here

3. LG 260 L 3 Star Smart Inverter Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator

Another Refrigerator in the list of the best refrigerator in India 2021 is LG 206 L Smart inverter fridge. It is a double door 260 L capacity fridge with sleek and classy looks. This refrigerator features an inverter compressor that offers silent and stabilizer free operation.

Some other features of this LG refrigerator are toughened glass shelves, auto smart connect, smart diagnosis and 2-litre bottle storage. Another main feature of this fridge is an anti-bacterial gasket that keeps your food healthy and hygienic for longer periods compared to ordinary refrigerators.

Price: ₹25,480.00

Capacity: 260 L

Type: Double Door

Model Name: GL-I292RPZX

Link to Buy: Click Here

4. Whirlpool 260 L Frost Free Triple Door Refrigerator

If you’re looking for a triple door fridge with a big capacity then this one is for you. Whirlpool 260 L Triple door fridge has three compartments for the freezer, fridge, and fruit/vegetable items. The bottom compartment prevents ripening, maintains required moisture, and kills bacteria to keep your fruits and vegetables fresh for a long time.

This fridge comes with a standard compressor, still saves energy with its 6th sense intellicool technology. You can also set the temperature according to your need in a customized cooling zone for dairy products. Other features of this fried are toughened glass, stabilizer, quick chill bottle area, clock, and ice twister.

Price: ₹27,480.00

Capacity: 260 L

Type: Triple Door

Model Name: FP 283D

Link to Buy: Click Here

5. Haier 565 L Inverter Side-by-Side Door Refrigerator

In case you have a joint family with more than 5 members then maybe you’re finding for a side by side door fridge and the best choice is Haier 565 L Side-by-side refrigerator. This fridge features a twin inverter technology that helps run the fan motor and compressor at direct current voltage.

Price: ₹55,991.00

Capacity: 565 L

Type: Side-by-Side Door

Model Name: HRF-619SS

Link to Buy: Click Here

6. Whirlpool 570 L Inverter Frost-Free Multi-Door Refrigerator

Another Side-by-Side door fridge on the list of Best Refrigerator in India 2021 is Whirlpool 570 L fridge that provides you with ample storage capacity and good looks. This refrigerator has some best features like retained moisture technology, superior cooling technology, intelligent temperature settings.

One unique feature of this refrigerator is its scientifically built air tower technology that circulates cold air in a round pattern without immediately impacting the meal. Another main feature of this fridge is the inbuilt AI technology helps the product to maintain an optimum cooling temperature contributing towards up to 20% energy savings, low noise, and long-lasting performance.

Price: ₹61,990.00

Capacity: 570 L

Type: Side-by-Side Door

Model Name: WS SBS 570

Link to Buy: Click Here

7. Godrej 190 L 4 Star Inverter Direct-Cool Single Door Refrigerator

Another Single door fridge on the list of best Refrigerator in India 2021 is Godrej 190 L refrigerator. It is one of the most energy saver and economical fridges at such a reasonable price. The smart inverter technology of this Godrej Refrigerator can run your fridge on your home inverter for a full day without consuming much energy.

Another feature of this fridge is an anti-drip chiller that ensures no water droplets are formed. The single door design of the refrigerator is best for small families and bachelors who live alone.

Price: ₹17,190.00

Capacity: 190 L

Type: Single Door

Model Name: RD EDGENEO 207E 53

Link to Buy: Click Here

8. Samsung 579 L Inverter Frost-Free French Door Refrigerator

If you’re having a family with 7+ members then this Samsung french door fridge is for you. The design of the fridge is so elegant and classic and it comes with a large 579 L capacity for more storage. It comes with an auto-defrost function to prevent ice build-up.

This Samsung refrigerator comes with a Digital Inverter Compressor which is Energy efficient, less noise & more durable.

Price: ₹80,990.00

Capacity: 579 L

Type: French Door

Model Name: RF57A5232SL

Link to Buy: Click Here

9. Godrej 260 L Frost Free Double Door 3 Star Convertible Refrigerator

Godrej is a trusted and old brand that made refrigerators at good prices and with the best features. This double door Godrej fridge rank 9 on the list of Best Refrigerator in India 2021 and has a good 260 L storage capacity and a 6-in-1 convertible freezer. You can use the freezer of your fridge for multiple usages like meat storage, dairy, heavy frozen, and more.

It also has a smart inverter technology with an in-built stabilizer for silent operations. Other main features of this refrigerator are a door lock, deodorizer, and removable gasket along with light inside.

Price: ₹24,490.00

Capacity: 260 L

Type: Double Door

Model Name: 260C 35 RCIF ST RH

10. Samsung 700 L with Inverter Side-by-Side Refrigerator

Samsung Side-by-Side fridges are always best but if you’re finding for some premium and best fridge then this one is for you. It comes with a huge capacity and seamless design which provides you with an elegant look. With its smart inverter technology, it also consumes very little power to give you better performance with saving power.

Price: ₹77,750.00

Capacity: 700 L

Type: Side-by-Side Door

Model Name: RS72R5011SL

Link to Buy: Click Here

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