Donald Trump Corona Positive: Biggest COVID-19 Update

As we all knew about the virus originated from China named Corona or COVID-19 is spreading all around the globe. The U.S is one of the major Sufferer of this virus and the latest news has come yesterday that U.S. President Donald Trump Corona positive Along With First Lady Melania.

Donald Trump is the President of the U.S. and a month before the elections tested positive for Corona is shocking news for our U.S. President. None like other 46,459 people who test positive for Corona in the U.S. yesterday the president is under special surveillance and having a stunning and destabilizing diagnosis, unlike the other 46,459 people.

Yesterday Trump himself confirms about the corona positive by a Tweet in his official twitter handling.

Donald Trump Corona Positive  

This is very shocking news for the Trump administration that a month before the held U.S elections the U.S. president Donald Trump tested Corona Positive. The president is treated with a special diagnosis unlike the other positive patients, Trump has more access to the resources than most other people in the country.

Trump is regularly tested for COVID-19 as he meets hundreds of people daily due to his scheduled work, but it is not enough to stay protected from the virus moreover when he was disregarding other public health advice to save himself from the virus.

This news shows that the regular testing for COVID isn’t enough but you also have to take protective measures issued in public health guidelines including the use of Hand Sanitizers and wearing the Face Masks.

The main reason for the testing of Donald Trump Corona Positive is the irresponsible nature among the public safety measures that have to be taken like he regularly Attends Rallies, and didn’t wear Face Mask regularly not either the people around him. The U.S. is one of the major sufferers from this dangerous virus which affects many people’s life directly and indirectly.

Due to the age of 74 years old President Trump is at a high risk of COVID-19 the virus is most dangerous to people over 65 years, and men tend to get sicker than women. But he is different from all other as he is the president of the U.S and has access to the special Diagnostic facilities different from all other people of the same old age.

Lets hope the fast recovery for the U.S. president.

Precautions to be taken against Corona

This Virus jumps from one person to another very fast and spread among people due to which it becomes one of the most spread viruses till date. The only way to protect ourselves from not being Corona Positive is to follow the Precaution steps given in Public health Advisory which suggests people wear Masks while going outside and make social distancing.

The very important step to protect from the spread of the virus is hygiene and regular use of Hand sanitizers. The virus didn’t see if a person is a president or whoever the live example is in front of all.

Please take precautions to protect yourself from the spreading of the virus and do not sacrifice your life due to simple mistakes.