Elon Musk third richest man in world After Tesla Stock Split

Elon Musk third richest man in world

Tesla CEO Elon Musk third richest man in the world after beating Mark Zuckerberg, after stock split of Tesla net worth of Musk now become 111.3 billion as compared with Mark zuckerberg with 110.5 billion according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index.

Last week, Musk joined Zuckerberg, Bezos and Microsoft Corp. co-founder Bill Gates in the rarefied centibillionaire club as tech stocks rose.

Rise of Tesla Stocks

Tesla Shares shows a greatest rise of 420 percent from the starting of the year. Tesla shares show a rose $ 2,290 last week which is the highest from any company. The company goes public in 2010 with $17 for a share and make many retail investors millionaire overnight. Their is about 50 percent rose in number of shares from the announcement of electric vehicles by Tesla. The electric vehicle maker is moving toward a likely inclusion in the S&P 500 stock index this fall, according to media reports.

The highest record of Tesla shares has gone this month which is $2238.75 and shows totally fall in shares on 27 August.

Tesla has become one of the favourite companies among investors during the pandemic lockdown. In last month about 40,000 robinhood investors join Tesla in a 4 hour of span which give boom to the company in retail market. The trend isn’t limited to the U.S.: South Korean retail investors have piled into Tesla this year and hold about a 1% stake in the American auto maker.

Tesla’s $454 billion market value now exceeds that of retail behemoth Walmart, the largest company in the U.S. by revenue.

Musk still has a long way to become the world’s richest person. Bezos is worth about $200 billion.

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