Epic Games Battle with Apple to get Fortnite back on App Store

Apple and Epic Games controversy is going too long as now Epic Games Battle with Apple to get its Fortnite back on the App store which was fired by Apple.

Epic games knock the door of the court and will start convincing judge from Monday to restore its game Fortnite on the App store which was removed by Apple about a month ago.

As we all know that Apple does not allow its users to download an App from anywhere else its own App Store, and Epic is challenging its practice of taking a 30 percent cut of money spent on the apps by users.

Epic Games Battle with Apple for Fortnite

The clash between Apple and Epic Games started when Apple started puts a priority on selling digital content and subscription services to the one billion-plus people around the world using devices powered by its IOS mobile operating software.

Apple pulled Fortnite from its online mobile apps market on August 13 after Epic released an update that avoids revenue sharing with the iPhone maker.

The commission is always the main reason for disputes for app makers who believe Apple’s App Store policies are monopolistic.

Epic Games and Spotify form a coalition with each other to press for new terms with the major online marketplaces operated by Apple and Google.

Google is also there on hit list but as we all know Google runs play store to download apps on Android devices but it also allows Android users to download the Application from browser or any third party app not like Apple App store which puts restrictions on its users to download App from anywhere else than App store.

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Legal Action By Epic to fight Against Apple

The new Coalition for App Fairness advocacy group said that it will seek legal and regulatory changes for the app stores which serve as gatekeepers for much of the mobile software distributed to smartphone users.

It leads to rising criticism of the fees and terms imposed by the app stores and legal challenges by both Epic Games and Spotify to Apple’s commission for its online subscriptions.

The hearing is going to be held on Monday in California Courtroom where a Federal judge will decide whether Apple should be compelled to put Fortnite back in the App Store while an overarching lawsuit plays out. Previously judge of the case rejected an emergency injunction requested by Epic, saying Fortnite’s eviction by Apple was a “self-inflicted wound.”

Due to the legal action going on, Fortnite fans using iPhones or other Apple devices have no longer access to the latest game updates, including the new season released at the end of August.