Recently Snapchat introduced its new paid premium membership called Snapchat+. In its new premium membership, Snapchat released many new features that many Snapchat users have no idea about. And one such rare feature is the Eye Emoji on Snapchat Story. Snap users got really confused about this Eyes Emoji appearing on the Snap story and don’t know what it means. If you’re also finding “an answer “What does eyes emoji on Snapchat story means” then read this article.

Here in this article, we will be going to tell you what does eyes emoji on Snapchat story mean. So if you’re also finding for an answer to the same then read the full article properly and know about it.

Snapchat+ is available for users around the world for only $3.99. It provides premium users with early access to the newly launched features. Not only this with the new premium membership users get a star next to their profile name which indicates that they’re premium users. but with so many new features sometimes they also get to see things that they never saw before like the eyes emoji next to the Snapchat stories.

Well, users might get confused about the eye emoji appearing on the Snap story. And start searching for it on the web. If you’re here then you might also lie in the same category. Well, your search ends here just read the article here we discuss everything you need to know about this eye emoji appearing on the Snapchat story.

What Does Eyes Emoji on Snapchat Story Mean?

Long answer short the clear meaning of the Eyes emoji on Snapchat stories is the “Rewatch Indicator”. Now you might be thinking what does the rewatch indicator means don’t worry just read this section and you will get all your answers very soon.

By now you might understand that the Rewatch Indicator is a Snapchat+ premium feature. This feature allows its users to know how many users/friends have double-seen or rewatched your posted Snapchat story.

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You will see a number appearing next to the eyes emoji indicating how many friends have rewatched your story. It doesn’t count or show you how many times they rewatched it. Nor it shows which friend has seen your story. This feature simply shows you the count of people who have rewatched your Snapchat story that’s all.

Well, you might be thinking of it as a useless feature but it is quite useful for users who post many stories at once. Using this feature they will know which story is performing well. Like they get to know which story is getting appreciated by their friends and subscribers.

How to Disable the “Rewatch Indicator” Feature?

Just like other Snapchat features the “Rewatch Indicator” feature is also optional. If you don’t like it just disable it. To disable this feature on your Snapchat profile all you need to do is visit the “Snapchat+ membership card” on your Snap profile. And then select the toggle button next to the “Story Rewatch Count” option to enable or disable it.


In the above article, we discuss “What Does Eyes Emoji on Snapchat Story Mean”. But in case you still have doubts and want our further guidance then feel free to contact us anytime. We will try to reach out and help you as soon as possible.

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