Easy Ways to Fix AirPods Case Not Charging Issue

If you’re also facing issues with your Apple AirPods like AirPods Case Not Charging then you need to read this article. Here we will tell you a few fixes and solutions to solve your Apple AirPods Case Not Charging issue quickly and easily.

You’re not the only one with an issue like AirPods case not charging many other users are also facing the same issue and are hoping to get some quick and easy ways to fix this. So here we’re we will tell you how you can easily fix this problem of yours and back enjoying your Apple AirPods properly without any problem with your AirPods case.

Maybe it’s possible that your AirPods are still able to charge with the help of your AirPods case but your AirPods case isn’t charging that means your AirPods case is in bad shape and needs to repair or you’ve to get a new case soon.

But before buying a new or showing it to the Apple care center we suggest you go through all the below fixes that can help you fix your Apple AirPods case not charging issues easily and without spending any money.

Some Common Reasons behind AirPods Case not charging issue

This issue is faced by many AirPods users and they all find some common reason behind this issue. So here we will tell you all the reasons why you’re facing this issue with your Apple AirPods. The following can be the reasons behind your AirPods case charging fault:

The charger is in bad shape: There may be a probability that your case is all ok but your AirPods charger is faulty. As of now, Apple isn’t giving a charger with Apple products so maybe you bought a third-party charger or a cheap quality charger from the market and now the charger is all done with the job. So the only option that is left to you is to buy a new charger and this time make sure to buy a good quality charger.

Charging Cable is not Compatible: Most Apple users end up losing or breaking their original Apple charging cable leads them to buy a new third-party cheap charging cable. Well, maybe it is possible that you bought one from the market and now you find out that it is not compatible leads to many charging-related issues like slow charging. So it is better to get change your current charging cable and get a good one this time.

The connector is dirty: There may be chances that your power connector is dirty leads to charging issues. You need to clean your connector as soon as possible to stop facing such issues with your Apple AirPods.

Charging case is dead: The meaning of this line is simply that your Apple AirPods charging case is all done and now it’s time to say goodbye to your old AirPods charging case. The reason behind the dead charging case is simply that it may be broken and there is no going back the only option that is left for you is to et or buy a new one.

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Easy Ways to fix your Apple AirPods Case not Charging issue

If you find out that your charging case is having a problem and finding ways without spending money to fix it then here try these easy fixes you will fix your Charging case issue easily:

#1. Reset AirPods Case

The most effective and easy solution to solve your issue is by resetting the AirPods case that will factory reset the case settings and remove the bugs that lead to the AirPods case charging issue.

To reset your AirPods case follow the steps below:

  • Long press for about 15 seconds the round shaped button available on your AirPods case back.
  • Release the button when the case light starts to flash orange and white.
  • Now your AirPods case will reset and solve all your problem related to charging case.

#2. Buy a New Cable and Charger

The second solution is simple and we already discussed above with you that may be the problem is occurring due to the charger and cable you’re using to charge your AirPods case. So it is better for you to go with a new one and a branded cable for your Apple AirPods.

#3. Try to clean the Charging port of the case

Well, the problem may lie with your Apple AirPods charging port. It is possible that the dust and dirt stuck in your charging port leads to slow charging or charging issues and to solve this problem there is only one way and that is to clean the charging port of your AirPods case.

If you don’t know how to clean the charging port of your AirPods case then follow the steps below:

  • You can clean your charging port with the help of a new Microfibre cloth, a new brush, or with a cotton swab.
  • Now put the cloth or brush inside the port and gently clean it with soft hands and do not over push it that will leads in damage connector.
  • After cleaning it throughly try to charge your AirPods case again and see if you’re facing te same problem or not.

#4. Try Updating the AirPods Firmware

The next step is to update the AirPods firmware which can somehow lead to a charging problem with your AirPods case and to solve it you have to update it. As the company regularly release new updates to fix the bug and glitches with your AirPods so if you’re facing any problem with your AirPods then it is recommended to update your firmware first.

To check for the latest updates and update your Apple AirPods follow the steps below:

  • Connect your AirPods case with the power connector or charger with AirPods inside the case.
  • Connect your iPhone with internet and move it closer to the paired AirPods case.
  • Now Apple will scan all the new updates and show them to you.
  • For checking if your firmware is updated or not first go to the Settings of your iPhone and then go to the General option.
  • After that select the option about and then AirPods to check the firmware and model of your Apple Airpods.

#5. Buy a New Case

After trying all the above solutions if you’re still facing the issue then that only means your AirPods case is broken and dead. It is recommended that you change the AirPods case or show your old case to the Apple care center if they can fix it then you don’t have to buy a new one or else the only option that is left is to get a new AirPods charging case.

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