Fortnite Witch Shack: Where to Visit in Fortnitemare Event to find Witch Shack

Today we are going to talk about the new update event Fortnitemare during Halloween in Fortnite and the places where a player could find out new Fortnite Witch Shack during Battle Royale.

Fortnightmare new Halloween event on the popular game Fortnite introduces many new features and challenges for the players in the Battle Royale mode. during the event, if a player dies in Battle Royale then he will respawn as a ghost to make the game more difficult for the living players.

There are three challenges in the new Fortnitemare event one of them is traveling 100 meters on a witch broom but for that challenge, first of all, you have to find the place where the witch lives to use their broom in order to complete the challenge.

Fortnite Witch Shack

In the new Fortnitemare map there is a total of 7 spots where you can visit and find a witch shack from where you can get a witch broom. with a broom, players can fly through the air and able to complete the challenge. Witch broom can be found inside the barrel inside the Witch Shack players may need to visit different shacks in a round to find a broom that hasn’t been taken yet.

There is fog all around the shacks to hide them but players can identify them by the gnarled trees outside of the shack and green lanterns, some are also located along the coasts in the map.

Shack Locations in the Map

Witch shacks are mainly located in remote locations or along the coasts. There are mainly seven places where you can find Fortnite Witch Shack on the map of Fortnitemares.

  • Slurpy Swamp: Within the trees south of Slurpy Swamp, there is a witch’s shack. It will be near the intersection of multiple lakes. 
  • Lazy Lake: To the northeast of Lazy Lake, there is another shack. Look for the town, and not the lake itself. It will be located between the road and the river. 
  • Catty Corner: To the southeast of Catty Corner, in the far corner of the map, there is another shack on the coast. It should be pretty high up.
  • Sweaty Sands: To the west of Sweaty Sands, there is another shack along the coast. It should be on the other side of the road. 
  • Doom’s Domain: To the north of Doom’s Domain, there is a witch’s shack. It will be along the road that leads out of Doom’s Doman to the north. 
  • Salty Springs: To the northwest of Salty Springs, there is a witch’s shack. Look between the rivers to find it.
  • Steamy Stacks: To the south of Steamy Stacks and across the river, there is a witch’s shack. It will be located along the coast. 

Players will get 40,000 XP for completing the spooky challenge with the help of the Witch Brooms found inside the Fortnite Witch shack which can be located in the maps stated above.