Google’s New Android 11 Version Features and Review

Android 11 is the latest Android version announced by Google in this month of September. New Android 11 version Consists of many new features and will be very different from the old versions of Android. Google made many changes and put many new features to make up this Android 11 version special and interesting for users.

New Android 11 Version Features

Google has been revealed some latest features of the Android 11 version like to give users more privacy google worked on one time App-permission and will protect all their data securely, It also brings built-in screen recording to Android.

The android 11 will feature to have its own stream type for virtual stream Assistance: AUDIO_STREAM_ASSISTANT. This new stream can be used as virtual stream assistance like Google Assistance, Bixby, etc. This audio stream is having its own volume and will not change by volume changes of other streams. Currently, virtual assistant apps typically send audio over the media volume stream, which is shared by other media apps. Android 11 might soon allow users to set virtual assistant volume independently.

There is a new feature called ‘suspend execution for cached apps’ in Android 11 Beta 2 version. This can be available in developer options in the settings the feature will enable freezing and unfreezing of cached Apps in the background. This feature lead to the freezing of Apps when they placed on cached and unfreezing them when deleted or clean from cached Apps. In simple words the cached Apps will be unable to use CPU and optimize the Battery from background when not in use.

Google also added ‘improved long-press options’ in its new Android 11 Version that let you firmly press on the screen in the Pixel Launcher, Google Photos, and Google Drive to show the context menu. One of the mysterious feature that has been added by Google in developer option is ‘Enhanced Connectivity’ this feature will “allow the connectivity thermal power manager to actively shut off 5G in order to save power when cellular throughput is below the set threshold.”

We all know the volume feature in windows that’s called Mixer which allow user to individually control the volume of background Apps and Music. To do so in Android we have to install third party Apps like Volume Control and many more but this time Android added its own “Multi Audio Focus” feature that will be work on Android 11 and let users to control media volume individually of all apps which is a great feature which will be love by all of its users.

Google has removed Runtime restrictions for Android 11 Go Edition improvements result in a good thing for lower Ram devices which can now support multiple users, managed profiles, and notification listeners. Google is also working on customization of Volume keys API for detecting single press, double-tap, or triple taps of the volume keys To enable the feature long/single/double/triple key presses will be differentiated by the length of time between key events. 

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Devices that Going to support Android 11

There is a question in all that which phone devices are going to be featured with the new Android 11 Version. It is already known that Google will pack their new Google Pixel Phones Google Pixel 5 and Google Pixel 4a 5G with its new Android 11 version but this time not only in Pixel Google offer it’s new Android version in other companies devices also including OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro, Oppo’s X2, Reno 3 and Realme’s X50 Pro.

Xiaomi is also rolling out Android 11 to the Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pro. Google promises to expect “more partners launching and upgrading devices over the coming months,” so today’s launch will likely be the first of many its new Android 11 version update announcements for the next few weeks.

Review of New Android 11 Version

Google has released the Beta version of Android 11 which is mostly liked by all as due to its Fantastic features which had never be seen before. To know more about review refer to the video: