GTA 6 Release Date: Leaks and Rumors Didn’t Suggest Anything Good for GTA Fans

One of the greatest names which are in fame these days is GTA’s next sequel GTA 6 (GTA VI) for which every game lover and GTA fan is waiting. GTA 6 release date isn’t yet confirmed but leaks and rumors these days didn’t suggest anything good for users and fans as according to Rockstar insider Yan2295 the game is in development and will take some years to come.

Yan2295 took the support of his Twitter handling to claim that the game is under development since the game isn’t able to come anytime soon. This statement contradicts the previous one made by the insider in which he claims that the game was much further along in development.

GTA 6 Release Date

Last year in 2020 Bloomberg’s writer Jason Schreier writes about the game and reported that the GTA 6 is still early in development which means that the game will still take some more years to come. But at that time Yan2295 who is a good leaker that 2K publishers ask him to stop leaking, challenges Jason that the game is much further along in development and show some hope to the fans that the game will release soon.

But now Yan2295 backing off his words and claims that the game is under development since the game isn’t able to come anytime soon. Unfortunately, leaker doesn’t give any further details about GTA 6 release date, since we can consider it the same as GTA V which took five years to develop so the upcoming GTA VI will also not release until 2023, assuming preliminary work started after the release of Red Dead Redemption 2 in 2018. . Which means that users have to wait for more for the GTA upcoming sequel.

However, the above information is not yet confirmed or official so we have to just take it as a leak or rumor and should have to wait for official confirmation by Rockstar games on this topic. GTA 6 will also release on Windows PC along with the release on other platforms like Xbox X/X and PS5.

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