HBO Max Free Trial Updates: HBO Ends up Giving One Week Free Trial Before Wonder Woman 1984 Release on December 25

One of the biggest news for Movies and Stream lovers who are waiting to watch Wonder Woman 1984 with the one week free trial of HBO Max. HBO Max free trial has been ended by the company just like other streaming apps like Netflix and Disney plus which didn’t give any free trial to the users. Now users will not be able to watch HBO content without paying or buying the subscription. The above news has been recorded by CNET itself so it is confirmed that HBO is going to end-up a free trial for its users.

It may not a coincidence that just weeks before the release of one of the biggest blockbuster movie Wonder Woman 1984 the HBO studio starts charging money and not giving a one-week free trial so that they can watch it without paying. Now the users have to pay $14.99 to watch the movie still the price seems considerable to the price of a theater ticket.


HBO Max Free Trial

The end-up of the trial sounds somehow similar to us as a few weeks back we were seen the same with Disney Plus subscription before the streaming of Hamilton. The streaming apps now know that if you want to earn some money then you have to end up the free trial before the great release. The logic works as now people who are going to watch Wonder Woman 1984 with the HBO Max free trial will pay for a month to see the Movie. Also with the free trial people just come see and then bounce through the App but not now if they will pay for a month then they will definitely watch and stay in touch with it as now they get charges.

So now, it is not an option for anyone of us to watch the Movie with free Trial. Is it worth buying one months subscription for HBO Max? the biggest question for us all but it can’t be answered by us you have to find it out by yourself as it totally depends on you that how much you get dedicated to the watching movies and series. If you are waiting for long for the release of the movie then it is necessary for you now to buy it and watch the movie. The HBO Max subscription not only offers one movie with the passing of days you will see new movies and big blockbusters which you have to wait to watch on TV. In my point of view it is worth buying but it depends on you now that if you pay for a month or don’t.