If you’re a Snapchat user and wondering what does the Hourglass mean on Snap then you’re at the right stop. Today here we will tell you everything you need to know about the Hourglass Emoji on Snapchat.

There are literally hundreds of different emojis on Snapchat and each one has its own meaning to remember the meaning of all may be a bit difficult but you can always find them on Google or somewhere else.

One of the main Snapchat Emoji that everyone user is talking about is Hourglass and maybe you also don’t know its meaning and trying to find out more about it. So here we will be going to tell you about the meaning of the Hourglass and its use. You just have to read the full article and understand what does the Hourglass mean on Snap.

Well in short if we have to state the meaning of the Hourglass emoji then we can say that it measures how often you communicate with a person. In short, it is like the fire emojis and is related to the Snapchat streaks.

What does the Hourglass mean on Snap?

Hourglass is always placed next to the fire emojis and the main work of these emojis is to remind you about your Snapchat Streak. Maybe it is possible that sometimes you create a streak score by sending streaks t someone daily and by chance or by some reason you forgot to send them a streak that can lead to the end of the Snapchat streak score.

So the Hourglass emoji is like a reminder for you that appears next to the fire emoji to remind you that you’re running out of time and have to send a streak to the person as soon as possible.

After seeing the Hourglass emoji if you don’t react quickly and send a streak to your friend then your Streak score will end and you’ve to start over. But how much time do you have after the appearance of the Hourglass emoji in your chats?

Well for the time you’ll have about 4 hours of time to react and send the streak to your friend after the Hourglass emoji appears. That means the Hourglass Emoji appears when the Snapstreak timer reaches the 20th hour since your last snap exchange.

The only way to get rid of this Hourglass Emoji is by sending a streak to the person or letting the snap streak end by either way the Hourglass emoji will disappear on Snapchat.

What does Snapstreak Mean on Snapchat?

Well if you still don’t know anything about Snapchat Snapstreak then you need to read this full topic and you will understand it clearly. Snapstreak is like a score of friendship on Snapchat.

Once you and your friend share snap for more than 3 days a fire emoji will appear next to the chat head with the numbering representing the number of consecutive days you’re sharing the snaps with that friend.

The numbering appearing in the chat head known as the Snapstreak the more the Snapstreak you’ve with a person the more you’re close with them. To maintain this Snapstreak on Snapchat you need to share snaps for consecutive days within 24 hours time.

Even if you miss to send the snap streak for one day or take more than 24 hours to share the streak with the person or they don’t share the streak with you then the full streak score will end the fire emoji next to the chat will also disappear.

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How to Maintain a Good Snapstreak?

The Snapstreaks only counts streaks that you share with your friend if you’re thinking that with sharing of messages and voice chats your Snapstreak will remain fine then you’re wrong.

Many people get confused that interacting with people through messages or other means on Snapchat will also increase the Snapstreak but they are wrong. Snapstreak only counts the streak that you share using the camera button on Snapchat.

So to maintain a good Snapstreak Score you’ve to continue sharing the Streaks with your friend for consecutive days without missing a single day. If you and your friend both send Streak to each other then you will achieve a good Snapstreak score.

What Does the 100 Emoji Mean on Snap?

If you get successful in exchanging snaps with your friend and now an emoji with a 100 mark is appearing and you’re wondering about it then that means you’ve successfully exchanged snaps for 100 consecutive days now.

For this admirable dedication, Snapchat will award you with a ‘100’ emoji to celebrate your Snapstreak. On the 101st day, this emoji will disappear automatically.

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What to do if your Snapstreak Score Disappears?

There may be a Bug or Glitch while getting your Snapstreak score well don’t worry we also have a solution for this.

If you’re sure that both you and your friend share a streak with each other without missing a single day and still your Snapstreak disappears then maybe there is a glitch or error while loading your Snapstreak.

You can share your problem with Snapchat and get them to know about your problem regarding Snapstreak by following these steps:

  • First go to the Snapchat Support Sevices Page.
  • Now search for the ‘My Snapstreak Disappeared’ option.
  • Check and fill all the necessary details.
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After doing the following steps you just have to wait a little bit ad the Snapchat support services will get back to you and help you with your issue. Once you receive a message back Snapchat will explain the rules for keeping your Snap Streak.

After getting and reading all the rules if you’re still positive that you had successfully exchanged the snap with the other person and still the Snapstreak disappears then you can continue to chat with support services and get your issue solved.

Once your Snapstreak issue is solved by the Snapchat customer services they will give back your fire trophy.

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