How to Escape Prison in Bitlife: Escape All Prisons in Bitlife

Bitlife is one of the most famous games which many of us play, In this game, you can enjoy living a life like the real world. But there are rules and regulations also in the game so if you ever commit any crime and do anything wrong then you’ve to experience prison in the game too. So here we will gonna tell you about how to escape prison in Bitlife so if you’re interested then you can read and watch videos to escape through them.

There are three different types of prisons in the game from Minimum security jails to Medium to Maximum security jails. You will get into jail according to the crime you commit. So maybe you’re also the one going into the jail so if you want to escape the jail then you can go through this article here we will tell you about how to escape prison in Bitlife.

How to Escape Prison in Bitlife

Escaping prison in the game isn’t a piece of cake there will be one guard in the prison who makes two moves for you one move. Not only two moves in any direction but will try to catch you and move towards you so that he can catch you quickly and if he catches you the game is over.

The punishment you get after the security guard catches is an additional jail sentence so you better escape it without getting caught. The trick to escape through the jail is to block the security guard in the walls of the maze so that his move set is restricted allowing you to escape from prison in BitLife.

Minimum and Medium Security Prison Escape

Below are all the available minimum to medium-security level prison escape videos you can go through all of them and can easily break through any prison with minimum to medium-security.

1. 3X4 Prison

2. 3X5 Prison

3. 4X4 Prison #1

4. 4X4 Prison #2

5. 4X4 Prison #3

6. 5X4 Prison

7. 5X5 Prison

8. 5X6 Prison

9. 5X7 Prison #1

10. 5X7 Prison #2

11. 6X5 Prison

12. 6X6 Prison #1

13. 6X6 Prison #2

14. 7X4 Prison

Maximum Security Prison Escape

Maximum Security jail is a difficult one to escape so if you’re planning to escape the one and cannot able to do so you can consider the below list of videos and escape any maximum-security prison.

1. 8X7 Prison

2. 8X8 Prison #1

3. 8X8 Prison #2

4. 8X8 Prison #3

5. 8X8 Prison #4

6. 8X8 Prison #5

7. 8X8 Prison #6

8. 8X8 Prison #7

9. 8X8 Prison #8

So that’s it this is all we can state in this article these are all prisons you can get in the game and can escape any one of them.

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