How to get Mewtwo in Pokemon Go? Full Guide

So you’re a Pokemon Go player and heard of the arrival of the rarest and powerful Pokemon ‘Mewtwo’ in the game but don’t know how to get Mewtwo in Pokemon Go? Then you’re at the right stop here we will tell you about how to get Mewtwo in Pokemon Go and everything else you need to know.

Mewtwo is one of the legendary and the rarest Pokemon to find and get in the Pokemon Go game and is incredibly strong and hard to catch. So if you’re planning to catch him by defeating him you have to first prepare yourself for the fight.

And to fight such a strong and legendary Psychic-type Pokemon you need to make a lot of preparation and strategies. Moreover, for fighting against a psychic Pokemon you need to get Bug, Dark, and Ghost types Pokemon for yourself as they can fight and win against Psychic-type Pokemons.

Everything About Mewtwo

As we already said Mewtwo is a legendary and rarest Pokemon that is really hard to catch. It is a psychic type with excellent strength and combat abilities so if you’re planning to take him down easily then maybe you’re wrong.

You need a lot of time to plan strategy so that you can take Mewtwo down and catch him. Not only plan and strategy you will also need to know that psychic Pokemon are weak against Bug, Dark, and Ghost types so you need to get any Pokemon of these types stronger than Mewtwo to fight and catch him.

On the flip side, being Psychic-type allows Mewtwo to resist Fighting and Psychic-type attacks. As such, try to avoid these two types as they won’t be as effective as Mewtwo’s weaknesses or even the neutral types.

As for the Stats of Mewtwo, it has a maximum Combat Power (CP) of 4178, 300 Attack, 214 Stamina, and 182 Defense. That literally points towards the hard time you’re going to face against Mewtwo to catch him.

Not only bringing stronger Bug, Dark, and Ghost types Pokemon will give you an edge over victory but you will also need some supplies like candy and better Pokeballs to really get an edge over the victory against Mewtwo.

How to get Mewtwo in Pokemon Go?

Mewtwo isn’t any common Pokemon that you will find and catch daily. Mewtwo is one of the four raid bosses that come out only during events. So if you’re planning on catching Mewtwo then you’ve to wait for some events to come at the beginning of the event you’ve to find it quickly and try to catch him.

Despite this, all Trainers could encounter four possible raid bosses, even if they didn’t pay. One of them is Mewtwo, and if you manage to run into it, consider yourself very lucky.

Follow the steps below to get Mewtwo in Pokemon Go:

  • Open Pokemon Go game during the event period.
  • Cordinate with nerby people or your friend for a Raid.
  • Confront Mewtwo.
  • Attack the Mewtwo and try to weaken him.
  • Now try to catch Mewtwo with Pokeball.

  • After catching Mewtwo in Pokeball if he is weak then you will able to successfully catch the Mewtwo.

To catch Mewtwo, you need an EX Raid Pass. To get such as pass, you need to have an excellent record in Raid Battles, constantly winning them. Once you get the pass, you can coordinate with nearby Trainers and work together to catch Mewtwo.

For catching Mewtwo you will need to coordinate with 3-4 Pokemon Go players from nearby but having more than 4 players will be better.

Until Niantic decides to release more events, catching Mewtwo is impossible. That said, it’s a good idea to keep up with Pokemon GO news. Maybe the next event will release tomorrow so you just have to wait for a bit and watch over the news to know more about the upcoming events.

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