How to Get Rangoli Stamp in Google Pay?

First of all, let’s discuss what is Rangoli stamp, in short, if I have to explain to you then the Rangoli stamp is one of the 5 stamps which we Google Pay users can collect on the occasion of the Indian festival Diwali. The 5 stamps which the users have to collect are Jhumka, Phool, Diya, Lantern, and Rangoli. Now the question arises that how to get the Rangoli stamp in Google Pay during the event, we will answer the following question below so please read the article carefully and to the end.

The event is not yet available but during the Diwali season users will get to see the event on the go so you just have to wait until then but before the event, it is important to understand how to collect the stamps without wasting any further time and claim your reward as soon as possible. There are many methods to collect the stamps in the UPI app some are stated below. So you just have to read the full article and understand it carefully.  

Now let’s discuss the winning that the users can claim after collecting all the stamps during the event period. After collecting all the 5 stamps users can claim a reward prize of Rs. 251 in their Google Pay wallet and UPI account or stand a chance to win a jackpot prize of Rs. 1 Lakh.

But the main reason why people can’t able to complete the task on time before the event ends is only due to not able to collect the main Rangoli sticker. That is why we will let you know today about how to get the Rangoli stamp in Google Pay. This will definitely help you to get it on time during the event and you will claim your prize.

What is Rangoli Stamp?

Rangoli Stamp is one of the 5 stamps which the users have to collect during a certain period of time to claim the reward of Rs. 251 and stand a chance to win prize money of Rs. 1 Lakh which is huge. The main issue that most of the users face is to get the Rangoli stamp which is not very common to claim and of course to claim one you have to do a transaction of Rs. 35 or Above using your UPI Account.

But not only through spending money one can also get the Rangoli stamp through gifting each other which is a more easy and convenient way of getting a stamp. Just in case if one of your friends gets more than one similar stamp then he might gift an extra one to you so that you both can claim your reward real soon.

How to Get Rangoli Stamp in Google Pay?

After understanding about the Stamp now the next question that most of the users face is that how to get or collect the Rangoli stamp during the event period. There are several simple and easy ways to do so here we will discuss some of the methods through which you can collect the Stamp and claim your reward.

Before telling you any of the methods let me first clear that it is basically all up to your luck that whether you get the Rangoli stamp or not you might get any other stamp also. So it is all up to you that whether you follow the steps and give it a try or not. There is no guarantee about getting a particular stamp through these methods but these are the best and easy ones which you could try to get one of your rare stamps.

How to Get Rangoli Stamp in Google Pay? 5 Easy ways to grab the Rangoli stamp

Method 1

  • Open the Paytm App on your phone.
  • Click on the Add money option.
  • Add at least Rs. 35 in your wallet.
  • Pay the amount using your Google Pay UPI option.
  • That’s it first method is that simple and this is one of the best method through which you have the best chance to collect the Rangoli stamp.

Method 2

  • For the second method to work you must have the Bussiness QR code or GPAY QR or Paytm QR or PhonePe QR.
  • Save the QR code on your device.
  • Open the task option displaying on your Google Pay app and scan the code with your Google Pay QR code scanner.
  • Now, pay at least Rs. 35 for 5 times and you can stand a chance to win Rangoli Stamp.

Method 3

  • Pay any bill of more than or equal to Rs. 35 using Google Pay UPI.
  • Using this method you can get one of the five stickers during the event and can also collect the Rangoli Stamp.

Method 4

  • Buy Anything worth Rs. 50 or more from Amazon or Flipkart.
  • Pay using your Google Pay wallet.
  • This way you’re more likely to get Rangoli Stamp.

Method 5

  • You can ask your friend to gift one stamp to you.
  • This is one of the best and easy ways to claim the Stamp as many users get more than one Stamp in their account so by gifting the Stamp they may help you collect them fast.
  • It is more likely that your friend gets that stamp which you’re finding so you can ask him to gift it to you through this method you can collect the Rangoli stamp real quick.

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