Snapchat is one of the most popular social media apps used by millions of users around the world. And Snapstreak is the main cause why most of the users loved using this social media app. But imagine your Snapstreak is not showing up on Snapchat but both you and your friend is regularly exchanging snaps so How to get Snap Streak back now?

Well for this question we’re here, today we will solve the problems of countless Snapchat users who’re searching for how to get Snap streak back on Snapchat. Just read the full article we have mentioned the full guide step by step you just have to follow the full guide and you will definitely get your SnapStreak back.

If you’re sure that you and your friend both are exchanging snaps for consecutive days within 24 hours and still Snapchat isn’t showing your Snapstreak then you can follow the guide below and get your SnapStreak back. However, if it is found that you and your friend don’t send the Snap within 24 hours for consecutive days then you will not get your Snapstreak back.

But before jumping to the main topic let’s first discuss what are SnapStreaks on Snapchat?


Well if you still don’t know anything about Snapchat Snapstreak then you need to read this full topic and you will understand it clearly. Snapstreak is like a score of friendship on Snapchat.

Once you and your friend share snap for more than 3 days a fire emoji will appear next to the chat head with the numbering representing the number of consecutive days you’re sharing the snaps with that friend.

The numbering appearing in the chat head known as the Snapstreak the more the Snapstreak you’ve with a person the more you’re close with them. To maintain this Snapstreak on Snapchat you need to share snaps for consecutive days within 24 hours time.

Even if you miss sending the Snapstreak for one day or take more than 24 hours to share the streak with the person or they don’t share the streak with you then the full streak score will end the fire emoji next to the chat will also disappear.

How to get Snap Streak back in Snapchat

If you’re sure that you and your friends are exchanging streaks consecutive within 24 hours then you can follow the guide below and get your Snap Streak back on Snapchat:

#1. Open the Snapchat App on your device and Login into your Account.

#2. Open the settings option.

#3. Find the “Support” option from the settings and click on it.

#4. Tap on “I Need Help”.

#5. Now click on the “Snapstreaks” option.

#6. From the “What if my Snapstreak has gone?” option, choose “Let us know.”

#7. Select the option My “Snapstreak Disappeared”.

#8. Fill the Full form displayed on your screen with all information you know.

#9. At last tap on the send button to submit your form to Snapchat.

After sending the form there is nothing more you can do now the Snapchat support team will review your form and help you to recover your Snapstreak back.


From the above guide, you will definitely know about how to get Snap Streak back so you can follow the steps above and get your Snapstreak back in case Snapchat accidentally deleted it from your account.

But there is still a chance that maybe you accidentally forgot to send a streak within 24 hours and even after the Hourglass emoji you aren’t successful in sending the streak then you will not get your Snap Streak back.

So after sending the form to the Snapchat support team you’ve to wait for several hours for their reply on your issue.

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