How to Sell a Game on Steam: Full guide to Sell Game

Stream is one of the best gaming platforms to release and present our developed games to the world. So if you’re a new or an upcoming game developer who is planning to release a game on steam but doesn’t know how to sell a game on steam then you can check out the following article and understand it properly.

Steam creates a good opportunity for newcomers to represent or sell their game and make a good amount of money from them. However, you may not very well know about the full process of how to sell a game on steam so we’re here to help you and discuss it in detail so that you can sell your developed game and make money through it.

But first thing first let’s discuss some more about Steam.

What is Steam and Why Steam is best?

Steam is 15 years old launched by Valve Solely for giving updates of their own games at that time. But with the passage of time more and more users getting in touch which leads Steam to start selling third-party games also.

As of a recent report, it is stated that Steam has more than 100 Million users and around 3,400 games available on it. It is also stated that Steam holds about 75% of current online games which makes Steam one of the most developed and advanced online game selling websites.

Now let’s see why steam is one of the best platforms to represent a game on it. As we already said that Steam has a family of more than 100 Million users which means that it is a really developed website to represent or sell a game on it.

How to sell a game on Steam

So now let’s talk about selling a game on steam, if you’re a game developer and planning to sell your game on Steam then you can make a pretty good amount of money. But you cannot resell a game which means you can sell a game only if you developed it you cannot sell any third-party game through your account. Let’s take about it in detail.

In the previous policy of the Steam engine, it is stated that if you want to resell a third-party game on your profile then you might do it. But in recent Valve Solely modified the policy and said that you can only sell a game which you developed which means you can no longer resell a game on Steam.

Now let’s get straight to the point and discuss how to sell a game on Steam:

  • First you have to develop your own game then register your interest in the Steam sevices.
  • After that Steam will send you a digital paperwork regarding their policy and sevice you’ve to read and sign it.
  • Then you’ve to pay the app deposit through the bank account on which you wanted to get your game sales money.
  • After the payment you’ve to done some paperwork with your bank and tax authorities to verify your identity with Steam.
  • Now, Steam will give you access to the Steamworks, which are the tools that will lateron help you to publish and manage your game on your Steam account.
  • After that you’ve to start a test run of your game with Steam through which Steam will check your game thorougly this step might take about one to five days.
  • Atlast, you’re all set to start selling your game on Steam Engine.

So that’s all this is how to sell a game on Steam so if you’re planning to sell your own developed game on Steam then you can sell through following the above steps.

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