iPhone 14 Leaks One Year Ahead of its Expected Launch

Recently we got to see the Apple September 2021 event in which Apple launch many products including the new Apple iPhone 13. But that’s not it just a few days after the launch of the new iPhone 13 we got to see many leaks on the upcoming iPhone 14 that is expected to launch nearly after one year.

Major leaks that we got to rumored about the upcoming Apple iPhone 14 series are the design and the storage of the device. It is rumored that the new upcoming iPhone model will have a modified design with no notch on the front screen and no camera bump.

Not only this it is also rumored that the top model of the new iPhone 14 Pro will have storage up to 2TB that is really insane.

Let’s talk about the full leaks and rumors about the upcoming iPhone 14 so read the full article to know about it.

iPhone 14 Pro series Storage Upgrade

As we already experienced the Apple iPhone 13 pro series storage evaluation, Apple doubled the storage option for its top iPhone 13 models to 1 TB from last year’s 512 GB storage. the reason behind it is simple the camera and video quality of the new iPhones.

Now after this big storage update of the Apple iPhone 13 it is rumored that the new upcoming iPhone 14 that is expected to launch nearly one year later will feature a 2TB storage. Well, it may be possible as we already experience the new Apple’s image and videos that nearly can capture 256GB storage if you record them at 4K resolution with 30fps.

So nobody knows what Apple is planning in the near future it may be possible that 1TB storage isn’t enough so the company decides to double the storage of its top model and provide a 2TB storage variant also.

Well, the news is still far from confirmed so we recommend you to take it just as a rumor and wait until some official announcement by the company regarding this new storage degradation.

Credits: frontpagetech

iPhone 14 new Body Design

Not only the storage upgradations we also have some more rumors that include the design and body of the upcoming iPhone 14 series. Front Page Techs’ very own Jon Prosser claims to have official renders of the iPhone 14.

Well, they only claim till now but according to more rumors and images they provide we must admit that it may be possible that the new upcoming iPhone will look like this or have the same body design as shown in the images.

The front page tech claims that the new iPhone will have a totally different body design from the last iPhone’s. According to the rumors and leaks, the display of the new iPhone will not have any type of notch on it which means now finally Apple users will get rid of the old notch display design of the iPhone.

On the back, it is said that the new iPhone will not have any type of camera bump as we have seen until now after the old iPhone 5 series. Does this mean the new era of the Apple iPhone is coming or all the leaks are just rumored not reality? well to get the answer to all these questions we have to wait until some official confirmation regarding the upcoming iPhone 14.

To see the full gallery of iPhone 14 images you can visit front page tech.

Credits: frontpagetech