Apple’s new iWatch series 6 and SE Launched in yesterday Event ‘Time Flies’

As we all know yesterday was the day waited by all tech and iPhone lovers as the Apple event ‘Time Flies‘ held yesterday in which Apple launched their products including their new iWatch series 6 and SE.

This time no new iPhones were launched by the company due to the shortage of supply during the period of Corona Pandemic. Every year Apple held an event in which they introduce and launched their new products to the world.

The main product introduce by the company every year is its Apple iPhone series for which all people wait eagerly. This time many are disappointed y the company as they delay the launch of their iPhone series 12.

This event is one of the main events for which all tech lovers and iPhone lovers wait throughout the year. This time Apple named their event as ‘Time flies’ and cast event live on YouTube and on the official site of Apple on September 15 at 10 am PDT.

Apple New Products Launched in Time Flies

Apple has launched its new products which is reported earlier also and waited by all of us. The new products launched by Apple in this event Time Flies are the new Apple iPad Air 4, iPad 8, iWatch Series 6, and iWatch SE.

There is mainly a total of 4 products which have been launched by Apple in this event and new Software or processor also introduced by the company i.e. Apple IOS 14 which will be featured in all-new devices of Apple.

As Apple reported earlier that there will be no launch of the new iPhone series in this event due to the shortage of Supply in this period of Corona Pandemic and the company delayed its launch by the end of September and half of October. After this event Time Flies all eyes are on the new iPhone series 12 which will be the second blockbuster by the company in a single year.

Most people are waiting for new iPhones to launch so that they will buy it as soon as it arrives in the market but this time people have to wait some more for the launch of the iPhone series 12 this year.

Specs and features of Apple New iWatch series 6 and iWatch SE

iWatch series 6

Yesterday 15 September is the day when Apple organizes its yearly Event ‘Time Flies’ to launch its new products and software which included products iPad Air 2020, iWatch Series 6, and more.

The biggest arrival of the company is the new Apple iWatch series 6. Which is featured by the latest functions and new Chip named as S6. The Watch is capable to measure a person’s blood oxygen Saturation with its new health sensor board feature.

The company said that the watch is featured by a Dual-core processor based on the A13 Bionic on the iPhone 11. The screen of the watch gets 2.5 times brighter when go outside and has an always-on altimeter in it.

This new Apple iWatch series comes in different colors including a blue aluminum case, gold stainless steel, gray stainless steel called graphite, and for the first time iWatch is available in Red also. New Watchfaces also introduce by Apple which includes one Watchface which shows Memoji.

iWatch SE

Now let’s talk about Apple another iWatch series i.e. iWatch SE it mainly has a number of same features like iWatch series 6 with the inclusion of a built-in accelerometer, gyroscope, an always-on altimeter, and fall detection. This watch by Apple is powered with an S5 chipset used in the last Apple iWatch model 5 series.

Price of Apple New iWatches

The Apple Watch Series 6 starts at $399 for the GPS version and it will be available on Friday on the official Apple site to buy.

The Apple Watch SE starts at $279 but available on Friday for buying. But there’s a still-yet lower-priced version of Apple Watch: Apple will continue to sell the Series 3, which starts at $199.