KFConsole: Gaming PC From KFC That Can Keep Your Chicken Warm!

So it’s real, Gaming PC from KFC which was rumored and we all take it as a joke. KFC informed us all about its gaming console by saying “Gaming Console is in the work” which they named as “KFConsole” but we all take it as a joke just imagine a company like KFC can launch its own gaming PC, no one can believe that but it’s true. And to be honest, let me tell you about its special function and advantage over other companies gaming consoles like Microsoft Xbox, Sony PlayStation, and Nvidia Shield- along with gaming the KFConsole can also keep your chicken warm which is a feature we have never seen before.


The new gaming console by KFC is designed and built by Cooler Master. it is much similar to all of us as the design is very similar to the iconic KFC chicken bucket but is dressed in two colors: Matte Black and Red. The gaming console is divided into two chambers- One where all the computing units reside and another one where you can warm your chicken while playing the games and can eat it in your dinner.

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Specifications of KFConsole

The Specification of the KFConsole is: The chassis used in this built is Cooler Master NC100 and moreover the console is powered by the Intel NUC 9 extreme computing kit, two Seagate BarraCuda 1TB PCIe NVMe SSDs, and graphics provided by Asus. The new console is already VR ready, along with that it can offer gameplay to the users up to 240fps, it also supports 4K and ray tracing.

The cooling mechanism is quite different from that we see in all other gaming consoles as in this gaming PC we all know that we have to keep our chicken warm but for that, there is no separate grille or deep fryer element inside the console instead of that the cooling mechanism is what drives the heating chamber inside the console. As we all know that gaming PCs get warm, so there should be enough heat to keep your food warm while you do a spot of gaming.

At this point in time there is no official news of how and when we will be able to buy the new KFConsole or how much will it costs. But we can predict the launch early next year. The KFC officially announced the launch on December 22 by tweeting about it and using the hashtags like #Poweryourhunger #KFConsole and post it by saying “The console wars are over”.