If you’re an Anime watcher then you definitely know about the Log Horizon anime series. Log Horizon is a very popular Japanese Anime series based on the light novel Log Horizon. So here we will talk everything about the latest season of the series i.e. Horizon Log Season 3 which was released in January 2021.

Now after the third season of the season every fan is waiting for the next season. The Anime series is one of the most popular fiction fantasy anime, first aired in 2013 after huge positive response creators decided to release season 2 which was also a big hit.

So without wasting any more time let’s move to the topic and talk about the Log Horizon Season 3 everything you need to know and wanted to know.

Log Horizon Season 3

The first season of the Log Horizon series was aired in the year 2013, the story of the series is revolved around the adventures of Shiroe which is shown as a veteran player of an MMORPG called Elder Tale who is transported into the game along with their fellow 100,000 players while playing it.

Log Horizon season 3 was released in January 2021 and titled “Log Horizon: Destruction Of The Round Table”. The third season of the series only has 12 episodes which are shorter than the other two seasons with 25 episodes. We can understand from the name of the season, in this season Shiroe and the Round Table facing a crisis as faith in the alliance wavered, though the issue was addressed by the formation of a new Round Table council representative of players and Landers.

In the rest of the season, we get to see Shiroe and pals facing a new and great threat Eirenus which is a very powerful anime monster, and launched an attack on Akihabara. Also, the Monster is having an ability through which he can lower the power levels of the veteran players.

In the middle of the fight, anyone can conclude that Eirenus might emerge victoriously but in the finale of the season, we got to see Akatsuki and Minori which helps Shiroe with a coordinated attack. With the more powerful Shiroe coordinated attack with Akatsuki and Minori Eirenus was defeated and a celebration of victory is held.

Continuing this at the end of the series Shiroe’s protégé Minori confessed her love only to be rebuffed because he had developed feelings for Akatsuki. Leia and Litka decided to stay and live in Akihabara while on the other side it is revealed that Shiroe intends to travel to the Elder Tale city of Minami. And with this, the curtain pulls down and season 3 of the Log Horizon is ended.

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Where to Watch Season 3

You may think to watch Season 3 of the anime series on Netflix US but it is really disappointing that there you will not able to watch it. To watch the Log Horizon season 3 you can visit Netflix France so if you live in France then you can easily watch it on Netflix.

Moreover, if you’re planning to watch it on Hulu then you may not find it on Hulu either you may catch up on season 2 of the series on Hulu but not Season 3.

If you’re planning to watch season 3 then you can find and stream it on Funimation. If you planning to watch the anime series with no additional watching cost then you must have to buy a subscription to the Funimation streaming channel.

Plot for the Log Horizon Anime series

The Log Horizon anime series is revolved around a popular online RPG game called Elder tales. With the passage of time, the game started to get more and more attention from the gamers and as the result, it attracts thousands of players towards the game.

The developers started to release more and more updates for the game but something wrong happens with the latest update of the game. The thousand of players which were logged in at that time of the update got stuck inside the game and are trapped in form of their game avatars incapable of logging out.

After stuck inside the game introverted gamer forms an association to survive from all the in-game world obstacles with the fellow gamers who are inside the game. And the group of the gamers formed is named the Log Horizon.

Will there be Season 4?

If you’re wondering about the next adventure story after season 3 of the series then you are thinking about the Log Horizon season 4. So when we will see the next season of the series? Will be there any season 4?

It is still difficult to answer this question as there is no official confirmation regarding this topic by producers Studio Deen. The light novel by Touno is still ongoing which concludes that there is still more than enough material to release the next season of the series.

But if we consider the long gap the production house took between season 2 and season 3 we could say that we will not be able to see the next season of the series anywhere soon in the future. This means we have to wait for some official confirmation by the production house regarding the season 4 release date.

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