Instagram users hear many new acronyms daily and they know most of them. Like they already know the meaning of most of the acronyms on the app. But still, there are some acronyms whose meanings users still don’t know. And one such acronym usually used on Instagram is “NFS”. If you’re also wondering “What does NFS mean on Instagram?” Then you’re at the right stop just read the following article and you will get your answer.

Here in this article, we will be going to tell you what does NFS mean on Instagram. Not only one meaning we will try to discuss all the possible meanings and full forms available of NFS. You can try to fit the meaning according to the sentence you’re reading or going through on Instagram.

What does NFS mean on Instagram?

There are many different meanings of NFS that are used all across the social media platform. Here we will state all possible full forms of NFS you can check out the most relevant one according to your sentence.

NFS- Not For Sale

This acronym is mostly used by business profiles and products page. This abbreviation is used while they showcase the products that are not for sale. Like the newly launched product or sample product that is yet to go on sale.

NFS- Not For Sure

This abbreviation is basically used by young generations or teens while chatting or replying to texts. The simple meaning of this acronym is that they’re not particularly sure about something or need to think more about it.

NFS- Not For Sharing

This one is basically known as when the users don’t want to share something with you. Or they can also use this acronym if they don’t want to talk about their shared content on Instagram.

NFS- No Filter Squad

This abbreviation is used by users who don’t want to need filters while uploading their pictures or video. This one is basically used in hashtags like #nofiltersquad. The goal of this hashtag is for encouraging people to not use filter images. And be confident in themselves and their natural beauty.

NFS- No Filter Story

This is another abbreviation used while posting the story. Here users are trying to announce that they are posting their pictures or videos in the story without adding or applying any filters to it.

NFS- No Filter Sunday

Just like the previous ones the meaning of this one is also the same. The only difference is that the users are using this hashtag on Sundays specifically. They use this hashtag while posting their images and videos without filters on Sunday.

NFS- No Funny Stuff

This abbreviation is used by users while there is a serious conversation going on. Or in particular, many Instagram users also use this acronym to let others know that they’re not interested in dating or hooking up.

NFS- Not Feeling Social

This one is basically used when you’re not in the mood to talk to someone. In short, we can conclude that this acronym is used when a user is asking to leave them alone in a modern manner.

NFS- Not Feeling Sober

This acronym is basically used by the modern generation and teenagers when they are not feeling quite sober or are drunk.

NFS- No Followers Syndrome

#nofollowerssyndrome and #nfs are mainly used by Instagram content creators and influencers who are not using the app or posting content for followers.

NFS- Not Following Specified

This acronym is used by Instagram users when you follow someone, but they don’t follow you.

NFS- Nice Fu**ing Shot

This acronym is used by Instagram users while commenting. Just imagine you post a good picture and your friends are applauding your post by commenting this on your post.

NFS- Need For Speed

This acronym is mainly used by the car enthusiast. This is basically used by users while talking about fast cars or the popular video game Need For Speed.


In the above article, we discuss “What does NFS mean on Instagram”. We tried to discuss every possible full form of the acronym but there might be still some we missed. So in case you’re trying to crack a sentence with the NFS acronym in it and can’t do it with the help of the guide. Then feel free to contact us anytime we will try to help you as soon as possible.

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