If you’re a PC gamer then you understand the importance of keeping your CPU temperature low and cool. The main reason behind keeping your CPU temp cool is because the more your CPU is heated the more your PC will get slow and you will see delay or lag while using your PC for gaming or other work. So now the question is what is a normal CPU Temp while gaming? If you also finding an answer to this question then read the full article.

Here we will tell you the answer to the question of Normal CPU temp while gaming so keeps reading the article and understand the importance to maintain CPU cool while gaming. But first, you must know the importance to maintain the average CPU Temp and not push it too hard so that the CPU gets heated up.

Once your CPU gets too hot and heat the performance of your PC automatically degrades. Which means once your CPU temp is above the line then you may not be able to do your PC heavy task like gaming and editing smoothly which is a very big issue to look after so it is necessary that you check your PC CPU Temp while gaming and try to control it.

The average CPU Temp which is alright to keep your PC task like gaming smoothly is between 75°C (167°F) and 80°C (176°F). It is necessary to look after your CPU temperature so that your PC can run on its full potential and run every task like gaming and editing smoothly.

Normal CPU Temp while Gaming

Well now let’s see and discuss what is a normal CPU Temp while gaming? and how can you maintain it and cool down your CPU? Well, it’s all up to your CPU while you’re using a brand new CPU in the market or some old ones.

Like if you’re using some new CPU that uses around 105W TDP then it is obvious that your CPU “performance per watt” will also be high compared to the old CPUs. So as we said if you’re using a CPU with 105W TDP which is really high then this means that your CPU will heat faster than the old low-end CPU while doing intense gaming. The Temperature of your new high-end CPU may reach up to 9798°C (208°F) that is really high.

On the other hand, if you use old low-end CPUs with 65W TDP then your CPU will consume less electricity. This results in less heat generation than the high-end CPU but what is the normal CPU Temp while gaming. As we already stated above the normal CPU temp while gaming is between 75°C (167°F) and 80°C (176°F).

That can be maintained in a low-end CPU during intense gaming but to maintain that temperature on your new high-end CPU-based PC is much difficult. So to maintain the temperature and cool down your PC while gaming you must follow the ways below to cool down your PC as much as possible.

Also by cooling down your PC and maintaining a good CPU Temp can result in long PC and CPU life. While if you keep avoiding the high CPU temperature and keep using it while heated then you may degrade your PC life span. So follow the steps below to keep your CPU Temp cool.

How to Maintain and Cooldown your CPU Temp

Having a heated CPU may cause many problems like degraded performance, reduce the CPU life span, and many more. So it is necessary to keep your CPU Temp under control and cool and to do so you can follow the ways and suggestions given below:

  • Replace the Thermal paste applied to your CPU it is necessary to reapply the thermal paste on your CPU once in a year. This should be done because Old thermal compound can’t transfer heat very well, resulting in high temps.
  • Upgrade your CPU cooler and buy a better one from the market. There are many options available in the market in the category of CPU coolers like AIO and Water coolers. So if your Stock cooler or your old CPU cooler isn’t effective to maintain your CPU Temp then we recommend you to upgarde it.
  • Use your PC in low Temp area or cool down your Room temprature using electronics like AC and coolers. The one of the main reason for your CPU heat up is the Room temprature so we recommend you to low your Room temprature while gaming.

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