Oracle and TikTok deal in the US, leads TikTok to unban in India?

US company Oracle which is now become one of the companies to Bid for the partnership of TikTok in the US.

Oracle and TikTok deal is going to take place in the US earlier it has been seen that Microsoft and Wallmart are the companies that Bid for TikTok partnership in the US, but on 13 September a report has been out from Microsoft officials about the canceling of the deal between TikTok and them to have access of the Authorization of TikTok in the US.

Later on, TikTok reported about the Oracle and TikTok deal by which Oracle is getting all the control and become the partner of TikTok to operate it in the US.

Now the question is that will TikTok unban in India after the US company Oracle partnership?

The answer is maybe no as even after Oracle and TikTok deal, the Chinese company ByteDance is the real owner of the App and they have access to the data and security of the users too.

Later on, if Oracle decided to handle the data of the users and ByteDance will not get access to that data then maybe it is possible that the Indian government unban TikTok in India and let Indian users use the App.

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What is TikTok?

TikTok is a Social media platform in which people make their videos by using music in the background. The App gets popularity so soon and loved by mainly young age people. They enjoyed making videos and watch videos on the App.

The App owner claims that the App gets hundred of millions of users that use the App every day around the world. Especially 100 million users from the US only. After the ban from the US and India Company faced a huge loss due to which ByteDance bid the App for partnership and App Authorization in the US.

TikTok is one of the grossing Social media App that even claimed in a report by Facebook and Snapchat that they see TikTok as their Competitor in App Marketing.

Why TikTok Banned in US and India?

The main reason for the TikTok ban in the US and India is security concerns with the Chinese companies as TikTok is one of the most popular Chinese App which has access to information about millions of users from the country.

Due to the tensions in Border with India and the Cold war which is going in with the US, China’s Government may misuse the personal information and get access to user’s messages and personal information which is against the security and is the cybercrime.

The only method left behind for both countries to secure the data to not leak is the banning of the Chinese App.

Previously in a report, TikTok claims that it does not save any user data in China and didn’t give it to the government but the experts know that if the government wants they have to give information to them.

These are the main reasons for TikTok banning in both countries by the government of India and the US.

Oracle and TikTok deal

Previously it is heard that Microsoft and Wallmart are bidding on TikTok for Authorization of the App to be operated in the US but on 13 September a week before the deadline by the US president to ByteDance to Bid TikTok to a US company for the Authorization of App use in the US.

Microsoft said that the Deal has been canceled between TikTok and them. Now they aren’t Bidding on the app for authorization instead of that American Company Oracle will lead to the partnership with TikTok so that American users will get access to the App and use it.

Will the Deal between Oracle and TikTok leads to ease on Ban in India?

From my point of view and latest resources, the answer may be No, as Oracle will partnership with Chinese company ByteDance for the Authorization of App use in the US.

But the real owner didn’t change and ByteDance may also have access to the user’s information and data due to which if the Chinese government asks them for anyone data they will get it from Company.

Later if Oracle claims to store user’s data and will not access ByteDance to use it then there may be chances of unbanning TikTok in India.