There are situations you face while using your Home or Office AC like the Outside AC Unit not Turning on. Now, what to do or what are the solutions to solve this problem. So if you’re also seeking the answer of this problem then you must read the following article and understand your situation and try to solve it yourself.

Now this problem is only faced by split AC users as they have an outside unit to run the AC. Now it may be possible that your AC’s outside unit isn’t working but the inside is working so how to fix it? read the full article and understand the situation and the solution to solve it.

In Split AC it is necessary that both Inside and Outside units work properly to cold down your place. If any of the units stop working properly then your place will never cool so you have to fix your outside AC unit soon. Now the main problem is how you can know that your outside AC unit not turning on or running properly so to know that follow the below methods.

Indicators to know that your Outside AC Unit not Turning on

Sound of Outside AC Unit

The first and main indicator to know that your AC Outside unit is not working is the sound of the Outside unit. No matter if your Split AC is silent and makes a very minimal sound then also there is some sound your AC Outside unit makes while you turn it on. So if your Split AC outside unit is not making any sound then you can consider that your AC Outside unit is defective or not running.

Heat Blown out by your Inside unit

Another main indication to know if your AC Outside unit is not working is your Inside AC Unit when your Inside unit starts blowing out warm air instead of cool then you can understand that your Outside AC Unit is not working properly and it needs to repair.

Methods to fix Outside AC Unit

Check for the Outside Unit Turn Off Switch

There is an emergency turn-off switch given on the outside AC Unit which you can use to turn your outside AC unit off in an emergency. So make sure that the switch is on.

Check for the AC Thermostat

Now, as you check on the switch method the second method is the AC Thermostat. You must check that your Outside AC Unit Thermostat is set to cool and also check for the AC temperature and set it at least 5 degrees celsius less than the room temperature.

Check your AC Drain Pipe

You all must have seen a drainpipe on your AC that drains the wet created by your AC. Now the Pipe may be clogged by the condensation when the humidity is high and if it is clogged then the safety switch trips off which will result in turn off your outside unit. Now to unclog the drain pipe you can use a wet/dry vacuum to suck out the blockage. Or you can try on some other way to unclog the drain pipe.

Check for Refrigerate

There may be a chance that your split AC is low on refrigeration which can cause an issue and trip the pressure switch off. Without enough coolant, the outside AC unit won’t work so to restart your AC Output unit you must have to refill the AC coolant and then try to turn it on.

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