Prey New Game Plus: Everything About the new Game Plus

Prey is a sci-fi first-player shooting game that is quite difficult to play and understand for new players. If you’re a new player and wondering that what Prey New game pass is about here we will tell you all about that. Today we will discuss in detail about and what the prey new game pass is so if you’re a player who is finding the answer to this question can go through the article.

Since the Prey game isn’t that popular still the fan base is enough. the original Prey game was released back in the year 2006 but wasn’t a big success and after decades developers work hard and back with the second part of the game Prey 2. The trailer was enough to attract most of the gamers as a result it got a spotlight. But due to some reason, the game was eventually canceled by Bethesda, and a reboot with no real connection to the first title was put in development.

With the release of the new Prey game in 2017, we got to see a hugely positive response, and the game become one of the best games of 2017. Now for the Prey New game plus features and everything we can conclude which will help the players more in the game.

Check below for more details of the game plus of Prey Game.

Prey New Game Plus

Now the question is why to play the new Prey Game Plus and for the answer, we have two main reasons.

If you ever play the game before you may come across several missions and side quests of prey which is really difficult to do. With the new Game Plus, you can easily go through all of them and complete them.

For the second reason, we can state that you can unlock new and different endings and Paths by playing Prey New Game Plus. As the ending of the game may differ depending on Morgan’s choices throughout Talos-I.

Now, let’s start with some of the features of the New Game Plus:

Replay the last 5 Minutes of game

When you start the new Game Plus, the game replays the last saved 5 minutes of the player’s latest gameplay. This is done to ensure that the game will run seamlessly while playing by the players.

Also, after the game has been completed make sure not to delete any autosaves from your profile. This will obviously tamper with any in-game progress as well, and make it impossible to even start the New Game Plus save in the first place.

Player’s Don’t get the Weapons back

Another feature of the new Game Plus is kind of annoying as you won’t get Morgan’s general inventory over the new save game. Nothing will be there in the player inventory after starting the game with Prey new Game Plus which is kind of annoying.

This includes vital items such as weapons, crafting materials, consumables, and upgrade kits. As for the inventory all players have to build a new one again from the start. This also means that players have to find and unlock all the weapons and upgrades once again from the start.

Players will get All unlocked Neuromods

The other and main feature of the new game plus is that you will get all Neuromods unlocked. This means you will get all the Neuromods already unlocked rather than playing hard and unlock them all again. However, you won’t get them instantly or automatically you have to do some work before unlocking them.

In order to unlock all of them, Morgan needs to return to their office and check their office safe for a Psychoscope. By doing so players can easily unlock all the Neuromods which is quite easy than playing hard again and find a way to unlock all of them from start.

This si all with the features of the new Prey Game Plus so if you’re new to the game then you can go with the new game plus after reading and knowing the features.

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