PUBG Mobile India Unban: “Coming Soon” post by PUBG official Indian Page Confirmed Coming Back of PUBG

Today it is officially confirmed that PUBG Mobile is coming back to India soon maybe this month or next it is a moment of joy and happiness for many gamers and PUBG players. PUBG Mobile India Unban news was spread over the country for few days but there was no yet confirmation by officials but today on November 12 PUBG mobile officials gifted this news as a Diwali gift to all PUBG users and gamers.

It is months till the Indian government banned PUBG with other Chinese apps in order to secure users data as PUBG Mobile India was run by Tencent which is a Chinese company and due to tensions between the two countries, India cannot take risk of leaking user data so they decided to secure it by Banning the apps.

But PUBG parent company Bluehole cannot bear the loss done by the government ban in India so they decided to end up a partnership with Tencent in order to Unban the game in India.

PUBG Mobile India Unban

There is no yet confirmed date of the launch of PUBG in India but today PUBG officials post regarding the unban of the App by posting a pic and write in the caption “Coming Soon” which indicates the re-launch of the App which is going to take place soon.

The main question is that how it is possible to Unban of an App by the government for which the answer is PUBG is basically a Korean originated gaming App as Korean Company Bluehole is the parent company. The reason for the ban is its partnership with Tencent which is a Chinese company and due to tensions between two countries India and China Indian government has decided to ban the App in India. But it is Difficult for Bluehole to bear the loss so it decided to end up the partnership with Tencent on October 30.

Now the question is Who Partnerships with Bluehole to make PUBG Mobile India Unban, So let me inform you about the Messiah who came up for the Unban of the App in India its name is Microsoft Azure which partnership with Bluehole to make it possible for the re-launch of PUBG mobile in India.

The South Korean developer said it would create a new Indian subsidiary to oversee the title, and that the game would “maximize data security and cater to local preferences.” The company also pledged to invest $100 million in the Indian “gaming, esports, entertainment, and IT industries,” though it offered no date for when the game might actually launch.

Moreover, PUBG is India top grossing game and after the Ban of App, many users get sad and demand the coming back of the game which is just happened because of the new Partner company Microsoft Azure. By cutting ties with Tencent and localizing development and data storage for PUBG Mobile, the PUBG Corporation might be able to mollify India’s digital regulators. It would be a significant boost to the corporation’s revenues.

Now all the user’s data are safe and save by Microsoft Azure Cloud which gives a guarantee to the government about the safety of data by giving them trust Indian Government decided to Unban the app which makes every PUBG user and gamer happy.