PUBG: New State Game Announced by Krafton For Both IOS and Android

The universe of the most popular Battle Royale game “PUBG” is now going to expand with the launch of the new futuristic style version named “PUBG: New State”. PUBG: New State game announced by Krafton Inc. with a trailer uploaded on the official page of PUBG on YouTube. The game is going to be available on both IOS and Android mobile versions.

The developers said that the new PUBG: New State will be based on a fully futuristic style and catapults the Battle Royale ahead in time which gives users a better experience than the present PUBG Mobile. Along with the trailer company also set up an official website for the game displaying several images and videos which lead us to see graphics and gameplay through which we can consider and experience the game even without playing it.

The game is set up based on the year 2051 with including many new vehicles, weapons, maps, and more. The new map name being out is called “Troi” which includes many new vehicles as well as weapons and modern tactics also like drones and deployable combat shields. With these new features, the game looks somehow like the versions of semi-futuristic military tech games like Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 and Black Ops 4.


PUBG: New State Game Announced

If you’re a player living in a region other than India then there is an option available on the Google Play Store and Apple App store in which you can pre-register yourself through your email which will let you know when the game will available to download on your region. the reason why I said not belongs to India is the one and the only conflict going on in India with Chinese Apps due to which PUBG Mobile is also listed under the ban by the Indian government and also the players living there will get no option like pre-register to be available on their Play Store and App Store.

The new state is the third Battle Royale game under the PUBG organization, just unlike the PUBG mobile which was mostly developed by Tencent studios, New state will be developed by the PUBG studios only like that of the other PUBG available on consoles and PCs. And despite the mobile nature of the title, PUBG Studio is making big promises of “ultra-realistic graphics that push the limits of mobile gaming.”

More on if we talk about the release date of the game than the Krafton Inc. didn’t assure any exact release date till now but we can assume through the leaks that the game is all set to release as early as next week. Also, other information regarding the game will be available to us in the coming days may be the release date can also be ensured by the company soon.