How to Right click on a Chromebook? Easy ways to do so

If you’re a Chromebook user and wondering how to right click on a Chromebook and can’t find a way to do so then you’re at the right stop. Here we will tell you how you can right-click on a Chromebook easily.

If you’re using a Chromebook or use it anywhere before then you must know that there is no separate right or left click buttons on the trackpad of the Chromebook. The how to use it How to right click on a Chromebook? Today we will tell you the easy way to right-click.

Just read the full article and you will get to know about the solution to your problem real quick and easy. Many Chromebook users get confused while finding a way to right-click using the trackpad and many get to shift to a regular USB mouse but if you don’t have a mouse right now then learn how to do it.

How to Right click on a Chromebook?

In Chromebook ChromeOS, you get “tap-to-click” by default which means you don’t have to press or click any physical button on the trackpad instead of you get the lower half of most of the Chromebook as a pressable button. You just have to click on the lower half of the Chromebook trackpad moreover you also get to hear a click sound that feels like you’re clicking a physical button on the trackpad.

now straight to the topic How to Right Click on a Chromebook? So if you finding the answer to this question then there are two ways to do so. You can right-click on a Chromebook easily by following two ways.

For the first way, you can tap once on the trackpad of your Chromebook using two fingers. By touching two fingers combined the right-click menu over whatever element in focus.

The second method is a less popular one for this you have to press the Alt key on your keyboard and then tap once using one finger on the trackpad of your Chromebook. You just have to notice that you can touch anywhere on your trackpad but you have to touch it at the same time when pressing the Alt key on your keyboard.

By doing these two ways you can right-click on your Chromebook easily without the use of a separate USB mouse.

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