Samsung Neo QLED TVs: Samsung Unveils About its New MiniLED TV brand Neo QLED

Yesterday on Wednesday Samsung unveils its new Mini LED TV brand called Neo QLED. The new Samsung Neo QLED will be available in both 4K and 8K HDR resolutions. like before TCL and LG use Mini LED technology to improve contrast and picture quality and now in 2021 Samsung also announced its new 2021 TVs will use Mini LED for a more precise backlighting system.

The latest TVs from Samsung will be available in different tiers in the 2021 lineup. Samsung unveils that there will be two models of its 8K LED TV: one is QN900A and the other one is QN800A. Three models of its 4K LED TV: that are QN95A, QN90A, and QN85A.

At present, we can’t figure out the price range of the new Samsung Neo QLED as the company said that they are going to unveil the prices when the shipping will start in the next few months. But we can assume that the prices will be pretty much comparable to the previous 2019 QLED TV series.

Samsung Neo QLED

According to Samsung, there are 40 times smaller LEDs in the new QLED than those in sets with traditional full-array backlighting which dim and light up in accordance with what is showing on the screen. By packing more LEDs on a smaller screen will result in more precise backlighting.

If you’re a gamer and recently buy Microsoft Xbox X/S or PlayStation 5 then this LED TV is one for you because Samsung introduced a new “game bar” feature to make your gaming life easier and simpler. The Game bar consists of features like refresh rate, aspect ratio, and so on all like HDMI 2.1 functionality: you can enjoy 4K at 120Hz, variable refresh rate, auto low latency mode, and support of eARC. Moreover, Samsung is also bringing its ultrawide gaming monitors 21:9 and 32:9 ratios to its new LED TVs so that users can get a more comprehensive view.

Now let’s talk about the sound quality of the new LED TVs, Samsung installed more speaker drivers in its new 2021 TVs which is called object tracking sound by the company which means that the TV speakers will analyze the scene running on the TV screen and try to sound it like the noise is directly coming from the source showing on the screen. The Neo QLED will also feature a new “SpaceFit Sound” that uses a built-in mic on the TV to analyze your room and automatically applies the best sound quality on the TV also the MIC can be used for Google Assistant or Alexa.

Samsung also put some more effort to develop its Samsung health software on the bigger TV screens. This means that these latest TVs from Samsung can be paired with any video camera to enable the new “Smart Trainer” feature that will track the users through an interactive fitness class. We can say that now Samsung is trying to compete with some of the fitness service companies like Apple Fitness Plus, Peloton, and other services on bigger screens.

The company also minimize the thickness of the new TV, Now the TV measures 24.9 mm thick only, which the company says “mirrors the depth of a traditional picture frame.” The 43 inches model can now also rotated as portrait orientation. Samsung also says that the users will enjoy most bezel options ever the TV will available to users in bezel options from slim, neutral, and minimalist to big, ornate, and bold.