Snapchat is finally here to answer TikTok by introducing a new feature called Spotlight in the App which will pay creators to post videos on the platform. Snapchat Spotlight is a better way for Snapchat to compete with TikTok in the global social market.

The company is going to announce today the introduction of a new feature in the App called Spotlight which will allow creators to post videos more meme-like and jokey instead of day-in-the-life content Snap they previously encourage and also will pay the creators for their posts. In short, we can say it is basically TikTok but in Snapchat.

To Attract more and more creators to the platform company announces that they will give $1 Million to the most popular content creator of the day, which means that it is not necessary that he/she have to gain more and more subscribers or anything if your video is the most viral video of the day with the most number of views than you will get $1 Million by the company in your account. The amount of money will be distributed on the basis of the number of views compared to other videos on that day. Users can continue to earn multiple days for a single video if it gains the most views on other days also.

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Snapchat Spotlight

In the App Spotlight will have its own dedicated window, and the feature is going to be available in 11 different countries including the US, UK, France, Germany, Australia, etc. The videos will be available with a maximum time limit of 60 seconds, and cannot be watermarked. This means that users can’t upload videos by downloading it from other sources like TikTok.

Once you tap on Spotlight you will see the videos on basis of your recent video experience or what you have seen in the past. Any Snapchat user can post their snaps on Spotlight by tapping on the ‘Spotlight’ option available to them while uploading snaps. The format is much familiar to the users just like social app TikTok but at the same Snapchat also says there are some changes like Spotlight snaps won’t feature a public comments section, and profiles themselves are private by default, so Snapchatters can keep their accounts locked down while still posting content.

The Snapchat Spotlight section has hinted at by the company for months, by a statement that Snaps will feature music back in August month. The company already allow users to upload their snaps using the location feature which allows users to share things going on in their locality by using location and also people can search snaps using the Snap map option available in the App, but with the introduction of the Spotlight section, Snapchat fulfills all needs that a user demands and now user can see viral videos from all around the world which makes sharing of the moment more reliable.

Some other Apps also have admitted the success of TikTok short video format by introducing the feature in the App as Snapchat Acknowledge by introducing ‘Spotlight’ and Instagram which is a very popular social media platform also acknowledge the same by introducing ‘Instagram Reels’ in August. Which is a very huge achievement by any App.


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