Sony PS5 Teardown Video: Reveal more Information About PS5 Console

For a long time, gamers and Playstation lovers are waiting for some news regarding the new Sony Playstation 5. Yesterday on 7 October Sony has uploaded a 7 minutes Sony PS5 Teardown Video in which sony gives a better complete look at its new PS5 and shows what’s inside.

PS5 is one of the most awaited gaming consoles to date the craze for sony’s PlayStation is just incredible and it’s also true that sony always lives up to the expectations of people.

Head of hardware engineering and operation at Sony Interactive Entertainment Masayasu Ito Explains that “We’ve highlighted the mechanism of PS5 which we have done to make operating sounds even quieter in the Sony PS5 Teardown video, After so many trials we have ended up with the best result and cannot wait to handover new PS5 to the fans and hear it from themselves”.

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Image: Sony

Sony PS5 Teardown Video

This 7 minutes Teardown video was hosted by Yasuhiro Ootori, head of the Sony mechanical design for the PS5. He leads the video in the Japanese language, he gives a better look and shows the inner components & the new advanced Air Exhausting design of this new Sony PS5 console.

This new generation Sony PS5 console can be used both vertically and horizontally as Sony gives a screw at the base which held it vertically and can be clipped to the side of the console to use it horizontally. The main cooling fan at the top of the console can easily see by removing the white panels by sliding and lifting placed on both sides of the console which used to draw the air in from either side.

The two dust catchers also placed in it by the company which can easily vacuum out through the two holes. The video also shows the up-gradation of expandable storage through M.2 slots that will be accessible to the users once they remove the side panels. The company also told that the users can buy their own PCIe 4.0 compatible drives to upgrade the storage in their next-gen PS5 gaming consoles.

Cooling System of PS5

This time Sony used a 120mm large diameter and 45mm thick Cooling fan which can intake the air in the console from both sides. Sony is also using a heatsink to work along with the cooling fan and said that this heatsink also “achieve the same performance as a vapor chamber used before.”

Image: Sony

The company claims that they used a liquid metal cooling in its new PS5 which helps in cooling and help to solve the problem of the typical fan noise in its previous PS4 console. The company aid that it spends around two years to develop its liquid metal cooling and done various tests to ensure the long-term stable solution of the problem. liquid metal cooling is a thermal conductor that sits between the SoC and heat sink and should help significantly with the cooling performance.

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Sony said that it spent 5 years developing and design its new next-gen PS5 gaming console and mainly focused on reducing the noise and better the cooling performance of the console.

Image: Sony

Availability and Price of PS5

Sony’s new next-gen PS5 will be available in the US market from 12th November and will launch in Europe and other parts on 19th November at a price of $499 ($399 for the Digital Edition).