Tom Cruise rented $700k ship

As per the report, Tom Cruise rented $700k ship for the shooting of the Movie Mission Impossible 7 which should start a long time ago but can’t due to the present Corona Pandemic couldn’t start, Tom Cruise is one of the best actor in the film industry across the world. He is the star face of the series of movie “Mission Impossible”. Tom Cruise rented $700k ship to Continue the shooting of Mission Impossible 7. One of the most iconic roles of award-winning Hollywood actor Tom Cruise is his character as special agent Ethan Hunt on Mission: Impossible film series. 

shooting of movie Mission Impossible 7

The movie is going to be released in the next year i.e. 2021 but the shooting is postponed due to the safety measures in this period of world amid Pandemic “Corona”.

Mission Impossible movie series is one of the biggest Blockbuster Movie of all time in the world. Due to the present pandemic of Corona shooting is not possible as the result there can be a delay in the release of the movie. But the star face of the movie Tom Cruise doesn’t want a delay in the release as a solution Tom Cruise rented $700k ship to continue the shooting of Mission Impossible 7.

People are mad for Mission Impossible series that’s why Tom Rent a Ship so that the crew finish the movie by the end of this year.

Sources reveal that Tom Cruise rented one of the most grandest Hurtigruten watercraft for shooting most of the scenes of his upcoming movie in Norway. The main reason for the ship rent is that Cruise didn’t want a delay in releasing of M.I. 7.

Allowance for the shooting

In Norway Movie shooting is yet not allowed due to safety reasons of the crew and members of the film. But it is recently claimed that Tom Cruise is exempted from Quarantine rules in Norway for the film.

The Norway Government health ministry allowed the Production team for shooting of movie Mission Impossible 7 but aside that they put some restrictions on them. As they cant be in physical touch with anyone from outside of the production team. Skydance Media, New Republic Pictures, Paramount Pictures, or even Cruise’s team have not yet confirmed any of these reports. But if it is true, he definitely proved that no mission is impossible for him.

the shooting of movie Mission Impossible 7 does not yet continue but according to the reports, it may start soon as if the news is true that a 500 seater luxury Ship is hired by the Actor Tom Cruise to finish his rest of the film shooting.

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