You’re a Snapchat user and recently you uploaded a Story or Snap and there are a lot of views and within them, there is a single view that is defined as “Other Snapchatters” but you don’t know what does other Snapchatters mean and is wondering for an answer.

Then you’re at the right stop here we will be going to tell you everything you need to know about Other Snapchatters that will help you to understand it quickly and briefly. So read the full article and understand it properly.

Well, there is no such information available on the official support and customer services of Snapchat about the term “Other Snapchatters” so it is really confusing to know about it. But don’t worry we will tell you everything we know about this term maybe this will help you to understand it properly.

What does Other Snapchatters Mean?

In simple words “Other Snapchatters” mean that you’re no longer or you’re not friendly with that person. Maybe you’ve been added with that person before but now he/she may have blocked or unfriended you. Or maybe it is possible that you’re not a friend of that person.

Or in other words, we can define it as that you’re no longer friends with the user on Snapchat. Like you’ve added someone on Snapchat and they added you back then they seen your story and listed under the viewer list but after seeing your story they blocked or unfriended you then that person will be listed as “Other Snapchatters”.

However, if they decided to add you as a friend again then you will see them as a normal viewer of your story again.

To clear this topic more properly let’s discuss some causes of this issue.

#1. You’ve not added in the friend list

The first and simple cause of this issue is when you’re not on the friend list or added that Snapchatter. When someone sends you a request to add them back but you ignore and do not add them in your friend list but they viewed your story then that person will be listed as “Other Snapchatters” in your story views.

Snapchat has already said on this topic when a Snapchat user tweeted about “What does “other snap chatters” mean on story views” tagging Snapchat Support back in 2017. Then Snapchat replies to her that “Other Snapchatters” mean that you haven’t added them on Snapchat.

Thus this proves that the users that you haven’t added to the Snapchat friend list will appear as “Other Snapchatters” in Story views.

#2. You’ve been removed from the friend list

The second cause for this “Other Snapchatters” issue is that maybe you’ve been removed from the friend list of the Snapchat user. When someone removed you as a friend on Snapchat, they will no longer be listed under your normal story viewers.

Let’s understand this with a simple example suppose you added someone in your Snapchat friend list and that person have seen your story but afterwards he/she removed you from the friendlist.

That person will be shown as “Other Snapchatter” in your story views list. That means if the other person have removed you from their Snapchat friend list then you will see that ID as “Other Snapchatter” in your story views.

#3. You’re blocked by the Other Snapchatter

Another main reason why you’re seeing this name in your story view list is because you’ve been blocked by that person. Like after seeing your Snapchat story maybe that person think of blocking you so they blocked you from Snapchat but remember they’ve seen your Snapchat story.

After blocking you from the Snapchat when you will try to see the story views list of your Snapchat story then instead of getting the user ID of that specific person you will see that person is shown as “Other Snapchatters” in your story views.

This is the last main reason behind getting this name under your story views.


So after reading the above article you will get a proper idea what does the other Snapchatters mean on Snapchat. So look from all the three causes and think about which of your friend is missing from the list that one friend is the one who is named under “Other Snapchatter” in your Story views.

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