Recently Indian Computer Emergency Response Team commonly known as CERT-IN has issued a warning for all Android users in which they warned them about the new Malware that is stealing the public’s data from their phones. The virus is named or known as Daam virus. The CERT-IN marked the malware as a great threat to all Android users. But they also suggest some guidelines which you can follow to prevent the Daam virus on Android.

If you’re looking for some easy and quick ways using which you can prevent the Daam virus on Android. If or want to just keep the Daam virus away from you then this guide is for you. Here in this article, we will be going to tell you What exactly is Daam virus and how to prevent it. So if you’re looking for a similar guide then follow up this quick article thoroughly.

What is Daam Android Malware?

Recently CERT-IN an Indian computer research team has founded this dangerous malware that mainly affects Android devices. The team has reported that this malware virus is capable of stealing people’s data using their phone apps APK.

In short, the research team concluded that Daam Malware is capable of stealing sensitive data, bypassing antivirus programs, and deploying ransomware on the targeted devices. When asked for its origin they said that the main source of the origin of Daam malware is the shady websites and apps that Android users use to download applications.

Further researchers explained that the Daam Android virus working. They said that the virus can communicate with other APK files downloaded in Android to access the phone completely. After that, this virus started to encrypt the Android files through the AES encryption algorithm.

What can the Daam virus steal or affect in a device?

According to researchers, this is a very dangerous virus that is capable of stealing all the user’s data from their device. Some of the major threats that this virus poses are as follows:

  • Can steal all your Contacts.
  • Hack Call recordings.
  • Access your camera.
  • Steal your photos and videos.
  • Stealing SMS.
  • Download or upload unwanted files to your device.
  • Can change your device’s passwords.
  • Can steal your bank account details and passwords.

How to Prevent Daam Virus on Android Devices?

If you’re worried about the malware and wanted to protect yourself from it. Then maybe you’re looking for some ways to prevent the Daam virus on Android. If yes then read the following section and follow the methods we’re going to state below to prevent Daam virus on Android.

  • Download Applications from the Official App Store or Google Play Store: CERT-IN stated that the major reason for Daam malware to spread on Android users’ devices is that they use third-party unofficial websites to download applications on their devices. And they issued a recommendation saying that the users must use the official platform to download any app on the device.
  • Do not browse tricky third-party websites: You should stay away from tricky third-party websites. These websites trick you to gain access to your device and data. Also, you should never enter your details on such websites.
  • Update Apps only from trusted software like Play Store: When you got an update for any of your device’s apps always use trusted software to update them. Like Google Play Store do not use third-party software or websites.
  • Give only Necessary Permissions to Apps: You might have noticed that when you download some apps on your device. It asks for you to grant permissions to your storage or calls. Always remember to see what kind of app you’re using and only grant the necessary permissions which they require to operate.
  • Be beware of suspicious links and do not click them: Many of you have seen that in your Email or messages, you got many links that are kind of suspicious but you still click on them. If you ever got such links first research them thoroughly then click on them. Do not click on any suspicious links that you don’t identify from trusted sources.
  • Beware of fraud calls and don’t share any personal information: You might get fraud calls on WhatsApp or calling apps from suspicious numbers that seem fake. Just don’t share any personal information or just cut the call and don’t pick it up. Such calls are made by hackers to access your device and personal data.
  • Before sharing any personal information make sure the website is safe: Many shopping or feedback websites. Asking for your personal information just make sure that these websites are safe. Look out for a lock icon prior to the site URL. And if the lock icon doesn’t appear then don’t share any information.
  • Notify your Bank operator if you see any activity going on in your Bank account: As we told you earlier that Daam malware can alter your bank account and can steal your money. So whenever you see something suspicious with your bank account. Report it to your bank operator so that they can take action and secure your account as soon as possible.


Daam Malware is one of the dangerous Malware that affects Android users. So if you want to prevent the Daam virus then follow up the above guide and secure your Android device. If you got scammed by any of the methods mentioned above then you should report it to the police or something. So that they can help you with it as soon as possible.

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