Why PC Gaming is better than Consoles Gaming

There are mostly two types of gamers in this world one is PC gamers and the other is Consoles gamers. May you’re thinking about Mobile gamers but here we’re going to compare the main two gamers all around the world so we will not talk about Mobile gamers. Now the question is which one is better PC or Consoles gaming? and if PC gaming is better than Why PC gaming is better? so today we will clear you about why PC gaming is better than console gaming to know about it please read the full article properly.

PC gaming vs Console gaming is a very old concept both types of gamers recommend their platform to be the best. But according to us PC gaming is far better than that of console and to know about this read the full article. New-gen consoles like PS5, Xbox X, etc. are launching in the markets but still the one-two years old PC is much superior in gaming why so.

Many new games are launching late in this year including some great titles on Consoles as well as on PC but still, most of the gamers recommend it to play on PCs to know why PC gaming is better we compete both the gaming platforms and try to tell you about why PC is better in gaming then consoles so read the article below and understand it.

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Why PC gaming is better?

1. Graphics

Graphics is one of the main conditions every gamer found in their games almost every gamer wants better graphics and no one can compete with PC in comparison to graphics. The latest next-gen consoles like PS5 and Xbox series X & S provide you the best graphics but as for the PC, you can upgrade your graphics card any time and enjoy the best graphics available for the game which is one of the best points while gaming on PCs.

2. Customization available

Customization is one the best part a gamer can find on a PC while not in Consoles you just have to pay for a new part which you have to upgrade in your old PC and you can run modern game titles on your 5 years old PC which is just insane. But on the other hand, you cannot do any type of upgrades and customization in your gaming consoles which explains why PC gaming is better than consoles.

You can customize your gaming PC or Laptop anytime you want not just for better graphics but if you want to expand your storage space or RAM you can also do that in your PCs but not in consoles.

3. More Available Games

There are a lot more gaming options available on PC than the console you can download millions of PC games from different platforms like Steam, Epic Games, Origin, and many more. But on the other hand for Console gaming, there are limited gaming options available for the gamers to choose and the price of the available games is way too much which is a negative point for Console gamers.

4. Better Backward Compatibility

Both leading consoles company Xbox and Sony PS have really improved the Backward Compatibility but not like that of PC. And the other reason why PC gaming is better is the gaming compatibility as you can download and play any old and new games on any PC no need for a physical disc just download the game you want to play and enjoy it.

5. Better Investment than Consoles

As for the investment, PC is a much better choice than consoles why so? just take an example that you have a 5 years old PC and you want to play a new game for that you don’t have to buy a new PC you can just upgrade the part which isn’t able to play it. On the other hand, if you invest in the latest PS5 you can play the games available right now but after 5 years when the new console will available, you cannot play the games on your old PS5 so it is clear that investing on PC is much better than on consoles.

Now you can understand why PC gaming is better than consoles in many aspects so the choice is yours. We will suggest you invest your money in buying or building a PC than investing them in Consoles.

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